For the red giant star also named "Typhon", see T Cephei.
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Black Lion I


Constructed by the Terran Hegemony prior to or during the Age of War, the WarShip which became known as the Typhon was a Black Lion I-class battle cruiser that served with the Hegemony Armed Forces until the decision to refit the more modern and advanced Aegis-class heavy cruiser to meet the requirement for heavy cruisers rather than the Black Lion I class led to the Typhon becoming obsolete.[1]

Like most of her class, the Typhon was mothballed until the Terran Hegemony decided to sell the bulk of the remaining ships to the Great Houses during the build up to the Reunification War, and the Typhon was bought by the Capellan Confederation. While many Black Lion Is were scrapped to reclaim their germanium K-F Drives for other uses, the redesignated CNS Typhon remained in service, and in 2765 was the only ship of her class in service with the Confederation.[1][2]

Just prior to the Amaris Civil War the CNS Typhon was the lead ship of the Capellan Confederation's reserve naval squadron, serving alongside six cruisers - either Aegis-class, Soyal-class or a mix of both - and three lighter WarShips.[2]


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