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Production information
Manufacturer Shockers Merc. Co.
Model Prime
Class Colossal
Cost 35,416,750 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 135 tons
Armor Experimental Carbon Endo Steel
Engine Dual Consolidated 360 XL Fusion
Speed 65 km/h
Jump Jets Dual 3 JF Standard
|manufacturer=[[User:Shockeray/Shockers|Shockers Merc. Co.]]
|model= Prime
|class= Colossal
|cost= 35,416,750 C-bills
|mass= 135
|armor= Experimental Carbon Endo Steel
|engine= Dual [[Consolidated 360 XL]] Fusion
|jumpjets= Dual 3 JF Standard
*4x [[Gauss Rifle]]s
*2x [[Heavy Gauss Rifle]]s
*2x [[Heavy Large Laser]]s
*2x [[Large Pulse Laser]]s
*2x [[Hypervelocity Autocannon/10]]s
*2x [[Heavy PPC]]s
*6x [[Machine Gun|Gatling Gun 20mm]]
*1x [[Streak SRM-6]]
*1x [[LRM-10]]


The Volt was intended to become the main 'Mech of the Shockers Mercenaries. The slower assault design serves as a excellent platform large weapons. The Volt is built on a lightweight Foundation Type 220 Endo Steel chassis that is capable of supporting the Volt's massive weapons payload and armor while weighing half as much as a standard chassis. To power this massive 'Mech, Dual Consolidated 360 XL Fusion Engines give the Volt a top speed of 65 km/h. The Volt is protected by twenty-two and a half tons of Experimental Carbon Endo Steel, giving it almost as much armor as the entire mass of some light 'Mechs. The Volt has CASE in both of its side torsos to protect it from secondary damage if one of the Heavy Gauss Rifles are damaged. Finally, for protection from enemy electronic warfare systems, the Volt has a Angel ECM Suit. For ease of commanding, the Volt has a C3 Command Unit.


Made on the heaviest chassis available, the Volt sports two of what was the Lyran Alliance's newest weapon in the early 3060s, the Heavy Gauss Rifle. The largest non-artillery weapon in existence, also four smaller Gauss Rifles that can strip off a ton of armor at the range of six hundred and sixty meters, though they do not have a lot of ammunition, so MechWarriors must be sparing with their shots. The Hypervelocity Autocannon/10s can deal an immense amount of damage very quickly. Eight tons of ammunition for each keep the weapons in good supply. These are backed up by two Heavy Large Lasers, a pair of Large Pulse Lasers, and a Streak SRM-6 for close-range work. An additional pair of Heavy PPCs add to the already huge arsenal. Also six Gatling Gun 20mms can take out infantry in no time. To aid in heat dissipation, the primary configuration incorporates four additional clan heat sinks. A Bloodhound Active Probe helps is hard battle situations.

Alternate Configurations[edit]