War Griffins

War Griffins
Formed prior to 2842[1]
Disbanded 3049 (destroyed)
Affiliation Oberon Confederation
Mercenary (previous)
Parent Command Oberon Guards
None (previous)

Known for exclusively consisting of the Griffin BattleMech, The War Griffins Mercenary Cadre were a company-sized mercenary unit operating during the Second Succession War.[1]


Mercenary Years[edit]

With the medium-weight Griffin popular amongst mercenaries due to the relative ease of obtaining increasingly rare replacement parts throughout the Succession Wars era, the future War Griffins chose to leverage this and built their unit around the Griffin exclusively. [1]

Signing on with the Federated Suns in 2842, the War Griffins joined the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns in retaking Bryceland that same year. Their egos buoyed by their role in the successful ejection of the Draconis Combine occupation forces, the War Griffins began to seek out higher-paying contracts for much more hazardous missions. Growing more and more overconfident as their record of success continued, the War Griffins were hired for a recon raid against Combine-held Robinson in 2858 where the unit incorrectly identified both the strength and location of enemy positions, with a follow-up assault based off that information proving a total disaster. Among the mercenary recon forces blamed for the flawed intelligence, House Davion refused to hire the War Griffins any longer, forcing the chastised unit to look elsewhere for employment.[1]

The War Griffins ultimately ended up in the Lyran Commonwealth, but rather than the offensive operations they favored, the unit could only get a low-paying cadre contract to train the planetary militia on Kreller. The War Griffins were ill-prepared when the Combine's Marathon Offensive suddenly reached the world in 2860, with the bulk of the militia and most of the Griffins killed as they unsuccessfully attempted to repulse the Combine invasion.[1]

Oberon Confederation Years[edit]

With a few survivors escaping the Combine conquest and again unemployed, the vestiges of the War Griffins headed for the Coreward Periphery. Ultimately hiring on with Hendrik Grimm to carve out what would eventually become the Oberon Confederation, the War Griffins would eventually serve as an independent company of the First Oberon Guards until their destruction during the invasion of Oberon VI by the 11th Wolf Guards on September 28th 3049.[1][2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the War Griffins



Composition History[edit]

True to their name, the War Griffins were comprised entirely of Griffin BattleMechs. These would have been a mix of the GRF-1N and GRF-1S variants.


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