Warlord Massacres

The Warlord Massacres were a series of killings and slaughters made by Warlords during the Dark Age on planet Vega.


After the Blackout and a terrorist attack that destroyed the planetary HPG and killed most of the planetary upper leadership, Vega found itself seriously weakened. The subsequent attacks of the Dragon's Fury and the Draconis Combine military, though defeated, further weakened the Vegan militia. In particular, the loss of the militia's leader, Legate Francis Nguyen, signaled the end of the Republic of the Sphere loyalists. The Militia dissolved into factions, most of which became Warlords' armies warring between themselves.[1]

By 3135, the number of Warlords had been reduced to a few minor and one large player: Warlord Jedra Kean, former militia leader turned criminal. He began a "cleansing" of the planet to make sure he remained the top dog. His men began killing lawyers and non-cooperative veterans, but soon all the minor warlords were doing the same. They rounded up hundreds of thousands of intellectuals and executed them. The Warlord Massacres, as they were called, soon extended to assassinating even managerial and technical services personnel.[1]


The Massacres undercut Vega's ability to pull themselves out of the hole they had fallen into, and smaller settlements were emptied or abandoned as a result of the purges. The loss of technical personnel complicated things on Vega, and even when Clan Ghost Bear intervened and liquidated the Warlords, it took them years to recover an adequate quality of life for Vega's people.[1]


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