York Regulars

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Brigade Insignia of the York Regulars
York Regulars
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Parent Command LCAF

The York Regulars brigade was a late Star League Era regional BattleMech Brigade that was formed by under the leadership of the secessionist Duke of York during the time of the original Lyran Commonwealth.


Failed Secession[edit]

In the twenty-seventh century, the Duke of York made a bid to secede his region from the Lyran Commonwealth. Not all of his York Regulars joined his secessionist movement and would become loyalist opposition in the conflict against their renegade Duke. Ultimately the Duke failed, leaving most of the brigade sundered. Only a few loyalist Regulars units would survive the conflict.[1]

Star League Era[edit]

Of the large brigade, only three of the Regulars regiments survived the events of the Duke of York's secession attempt. All of them served as part of the loyalists who sided with the Commonwealth and these regiments became part of Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces as official members.

However, by 2765 the three regiments became dumping grounds for the LCAF. The Twenty-third York Regulars, nicknamed the Pride, became the home of MechWarriors with the "social general" mentality. Green in their skills, they were by this time rather unorganized on the battlefield.

Known as Envy, the Twenty-seventh York Regulars staffed with elite MechWarriors who had been dumped into this regiment due their lack of social standings with Lyran hierarchy. These warriors became a troubleshooting unit for the Archon due their excellence on the field. Many transferred to the unit on purpose to avoid the political infighting that plagued most Commonwealth units. The Twenty-seventh was the bright side of a problem brigade and was deployed on solo missions by the high command. The unit was noted for its actions routing Rim Worlds Republic raiders making incursions into the Commonwealth, forcing the Republican forces back to Star's End.

The third regiment of the brigade, the Thirty-first York Regulars was known as Gluttony. The Thirty-first became the dumping grounds for low-level criminals and questionable soldiers of the armed forces. The unit was staffed with entire Ryder family serving the Commonwealth, with high rank officer a major in charge of one of the regiment's battalions. The regiment, aside from being home of malcontents of the Brigade, was also staffed with an extra platoon of military police to maintain order among the regiment's ranks. Aside from its self-destructive problems, the unit performed well on the battlefield as a unified unit unlike its sister unit, the Twenty-third, which was barely combat ready.[1]

Succession Wars Era[edit]

Not much is known aside that the entire brigade would be lost in the destructive conflicts of the Succession Wars Era.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the York Regulars


Different per Unit.

Units of the York Regulars[edit]

Color Scheme and Unit Insignia[edit]

Its insignia is of a black Castle Tower, with a white "Y" with line going through center of it on the tower itself.[1]


  • As of 2765, the York Regulars had access to the lowest tier of equipment available for the LCAF of its era.[3]


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