Arena Gladiator

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An arena gladiator is a warrior fighting in any arenas of the game worlds like Solaris VII or Noisiel.

There warriors come from all the combat branches. It is true that MechWarriors are the most famous, but aerospace fighter pilots, combat vehicle crew, pit fighters, battle armor fighters after 3050s, and even infantry squads during the Dark Ages, have gained fame during their exploits.

A gladiator is not only a fighter, he is usually also a showman, somebody that brings character to the match. Somebody that can put something more, to give a plus. Somebody able to show off during interviews, to move fans.


  • Though Clan warriors eschew and hate the concept of gladiator, centered around their knowledge on Solaris, as time passed, some Clan outcasts ended up fighting in the arenas of Solaris.
  • High Speed Drivers, Demolition Derby Drivers, 'Mech Games fighters (like the team players on Noisiel) are also considered Arena Fighters.