Calvin's Cuirassiers

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Calvins Cuirassiers logo.png
Calvin's Cuirassiers
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


Nothing is known of the unit's past, though the unit was severely indebted. It can be confirmed that the Calvin's Cuirassiers were on 3068 under contract from the AFFS to defend Perkasie. The contract was a five year one, with four pending at the time of the Bounty Hunter's attack.

On the 11th of January the unit was surprised by an attack by the Bounty Hunter himself, reinforced by his crew that had minutes prior to that engaged and routed Lowdon's LongToms. When the Bounty Hunter's crew arrived, the remains of the Cuirassiers were already retreating to their base having left their captain behind to face the Inner Sphere's second-most-infamous Battlesuit.

The unit was not destroyed, but badly mauled, and their whereabouts after the incident are unknown.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Calvin's Cuirassiers
Captain Hector Calvin 3068[1]



Mercenary Rating[edit]

The unit's skills are considered Regular.



Composition History[edit]

The unit is BattleMech equipped, consisting of ten 'Mechs: Two Heavy, Five Medium and Three Light. One of them was a Ostroc and another a Catapult.[1]


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