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I'm suffering a peak load of work at the office that will affect the time I can dedicate to the wiki--Pserratv (talk) 10:17, 10 December 2020 (EST). And continuing after a year and a half...--Pserratv (talk) 16:35, 6 July 2022 (EST)... It is never going to end it seems... I'm not in a hiatus but nearly... --Pserratv (talk) 16:25, 15 September 2022 (EST)


I'm a fan since 1990 aprox, and thanks to internet I'll try to be up to date with my hobby.

My intentions are to add all information I do have on spanish publications on Battletech. And help on other topics if I can.

As a player we are running with my friends a Mercenary unit (the Oktober Guard) now fighting on 3046 against pirates, and clock moving to Clan Invasion arrival.

I'm also very active in the spanish forum (not official) [1] where I've even designed Mechwarrior scenario packs (a sort of BattleTech Dossiers, like BattleTech Dossiers: Lamenkov's Liability). The page is full of Spanish fans, our discussions and a bit of everything, even fan free products.


Today, 21/10/2019 I got to 33333 edits, what a nice number.


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Important Links[edit]

Steam Images PC Game[edit]

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\BATTLETECH\BattleTech_Data\StreamingAssets\sprites\Portraits

My List of Wiki Projects[edit]

Completed Old ones[edit]

Spanish Magazines[edit]

I'm trying to add all Spanish magazines to our wiki. At this moment I've added all the ones I do know about. Completed with Covers at this moment:

Global Magazines[edit]

Here I'm trying to add magazines on other markets that I do find and that do not yet exist in the wiki

Spanish Novels[edit]

Phase 2[edit]

I do not own most of the Spanish novels, indeed only the first eight, for which I'll try to add also information that spanish translators might have created and also any possible translation error that I know of thanks to having read also the novels in english.

Work is on-going recovering all this information

Re-Reading the books[edit]

I'm re-reading the books just trying to add minor units/characters that I do found along the way. It is going to be an enjoyable task.


I'm going Solaris[edit]

I intend to review all Solaris books and Battlecorps information in order to compile it and enhance that section of the wiki!! Lets Solaris for the coming weeks :) Two big mini-projects inside this one I intend to do:

Types of matches, home leagues... --> Always in progress

Phase 5[edit]

Review small histories and some "minor" RPG books that can add additional information (minor are in terms of Solaris VII relevance). Like:

==> Add article on the Solaris Gaming Commission‏‎

In progress. Any help identifying Solaris Histories that can be reviewed would be welcomed.

Project Bloodnamed Warriors[edit]

Category Link: Category:Bloodnames

Phase 3[edit]

  • Maybe give table format as in Stables... (doubt)
  • Add political information on Bloodchapels and Bloodhouse politics when found
  • Amend formatting and decide what to do with the Notes
  • Review the books to to dig new warriors to add to the lists
  • Review units and create a valid link to them all as individual characters --> Completed

Not Started

Phase 4[edit]

  • Amend articles on specific bloodnamed warriors. Example: Angus Labov

Not Started

Project Unit Command officers[edit]

List of Category:Military Commands.

Phase 3: The very Complex Phase[edit]

This would mean digging all units and creating its commanding officers (and any officer / warrior that can be named in the unit article and then dig their name in the wiki to see if he commanded another unit, fought in an important battle or whatever we can find just with internal wiki digging.

Project Houses[edit]

Review the 5 Great Houses + Star League + Periphery History + Wolf's Dragoons and characters in the original books + the new handbooks.

  • House Kurita --> Completed
  • House Steiner --> On-going, p. 19 "Long March, Hard March"
  • House Davion
  • House Liao
  • House Marik
  • Star League
  • Periphery
  • Wolf's Dragoons

Project Engines[edit]

Phase 1 - Minedig Wiki itself[edit]

Try to create pages for Engine Brands missing.

Clan Engine brand[edit]

Still do not know how to tackle them

probably more...

Phase 3 - Review all TROs[edit]

Review all TROs for missing engine types.

Project Umayyad Caliphate and Castilian Principalities (Nueva Castile)[edit]

These two deep-periphery realms are missing a lot of information. I'll try to create articles for their military forces, history and characters. They deserve it.

Project Wanted Pages[edit]

Create the characters (real or in game) that appear in the Wanted Pages section: Special:WantedPages, bit by bit.


News from BattleCorps[edit]

  • Review the news and create articles of interest.

--> Work 3080 year first (now from start year to end year) Completed, and then go back to starting articles and mine dig them. --> I'm in first article.

Add Second Star League Intelligence Command[edit]

Add information on the Second Star League Second Star League Intelligence Command, and maybe do a redirect too.

MechWarrior: Dark Age - Free Content[edit]

Review and add missing characters / entries.

Review Operation Stiletto[edit]

Now on page 38

Review JoyRide mechs[edit]

Review the Joyride Mad Cat (seems it is MadCat II), the Joyride Jupiter, the joyride legionnaire and Joyride forestry mech. Create a page for Joyride similar to TCI and others. Try to get information on Joyride as a company for its own article. Link it to products page. Completed

Review Faction Pack[edit]

Review Faction Pack t-shirt

Review based on this page: