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Mecha Press
Product information
Type Magazine
Development Chief editor: Daniel Faucher
Primary writing Various contributors
Pages varies
Cover artwork Various artists
Illustrations Various artists
Publication information
Publisher IANVS
First published 1991-1993
MSRP 150 PTAS (Issues 1-7)

The Mecha Press magazine was a magazine that run for 17 issues (plus an starting one). Mecha Press was a North American anime and manga magazine that was published by IANVS Publications in the early 1990. The magazine was released on a roughly bimonthly schedule, with 5 to 6 issues per year. Each issue usually focused on one particular anime or manga, dedicating up to one third of its page content on related synopsis, character and mecha presentations. Gundam was the most usual game, but there were quite its share of BattleTech information.

It has a limited content on BattleTech, consistent mostly in new custom 'Mechs.

Mecha Press 0[edit]

Mecha Press 00

This first magazine had a short explanation on BattleTech and some custom rules they suggested for the games (enhanced line-of-sight rules, hidden rules and custom Shield Rules). It also included two 'Mechs:

  • LCT-1MP Locust, a modification of the existing Locust, being 6/9 but with far more weapons.

Mecha Press 1[edit]

Mecha Press 01

This issue contained some additional custom rules (an enhancement to the one in Mech Press 0), and a new version of Shield Rules (which allow mines to be deployed in the shield itself and that are different from the rules from Mech Press 0). Then it has two 'Mechs, both with IS Level 2 technology:

  • CVL-8RD Cavalier (again a tribute to MS GUNDAM series RX-78 Perfect GUMDAM., a 90 ton 'Mech with L2 tech and one of the shields they did describe in their magazine. Note: This 'Mech can be built with L2 tech and existing shield values
  • LCT-2MP, another refit of the Locust, an upgrade of the previous LCT-1MP but with high-tech that makes it quicker than the original Locust. It is an illegal design as it splits the SRM-6 it mounts between both arms.

Mecha Press 3[edit]

Mecha Press 03

This issue started with a description of the expected FASA works during the year (a full page review) and also contained information on the Solaris VII supplement and an arena 'Mech. This mech is linked to the Unbound's stable Seven Deadly Sins Stables and integrated with an adventure idea.

  • TPL-8R Templar (not related to the canon 'Mech), a 90 ton 'Mech with a lot of level 2 & 3 technology (like Torso Mounted Cockpit and VRPP) and the custom shield created by them. It also has a BattleMech Self Destruct, (from Unbound). Using the existing Shield rules it is possible to create this 'Mech.

Mecha Press 4[edit]

Mecha Press 04

This issue was covering custom rules for the A/C and Missile Weapons, changing a bit ranges, heat and missile distribution.

Mecha Press 7[edit]

Mecha Press 07

This issue contained a brief overview on the Japanese version of BattleTech.

Since BattleTech originally used licensed artwork from existing Japanese intellectual properties, artwork which was also somewhat dated, the primary difference was the creation of brand new artwork in a drastically different art style to appeal to the 1990's Japanese market, though care was taken for each image to accurately represent the configurations available for each Mech in 3025.[1]

Mecha Press 8[edit]

Mecha Press 08

This issue contained a medium 'Mech, the DGR-01 Dugger, a 45 ton 'Mech full of L2 technology. The 'Mech's idea came from Combat Mecha Xabungle game.

Mecha Press 9[edit]

Mecha Press 09

This issue contained a small review of AeroTech, and also a light aerospace fighter, the PBA-1C Ako, a 35 ton fighter with a lot of L2 technology and considered by the magazine as a hilarious tribute to the well-known parody OVA "Project A-KO".

Mecha Press 10[edit]

Mecha Press 10

This issue contained a two pages article on Shield rules. This shield is created by Team Banzai on 3055. The rules are different from the previous Shield rules present in Mecha Press 00 and Mecha Press 01. It introduced a new 'Mech, the WTC-5A Watchman II, a version of the Watchman with L2 technology and a shield using their custom rules. This 'Mech can be constructed with existing BattleTech L2 shield rules.

Mecha Press 11[edit]

Mecha Press 11

This magazine covered DOUGRAM explanations on their mecha (so we have nice pictures of some unseens).

Next there is an article on the MadCat Kit and how to prepare and work with it.

Finally, there is a new arena for Solaris: Nashan (owned by the Nashan Corporation), and two arena 'Mechs with different arena mods. The 'Mechs are:

Both 'Mechs were procured by Nashan.

Attached two this 'Mech there are a set of examples of 4T and 8T pods, plus also close combat pods.

Mecha Press 12[edit]

Mecha Press 12

This magazine covered Solaris VII matches. It included information on a new stable (Victory Stables) and the team that formed it plus its 'Mechs. It adds some Adventure Seeds for players wishing to use this Stable. It also adds a third Nashan 'Mech:

  • DD-02 Corvus, a 50 ton 'Mech (that shares some of the Shadow Hawk's looks and features) with a lot of L2 Technology not related to the clan Corvis 'Mech.

Mecha Press 13[edit]

Mecha Press 13

This issue contained the second part of the MadCat Kit article: painting it. The issue also included the MUSCATech VHT1AHTM, a 50 ton hover-'Mech vehicle, similar to actual QuadVees (a sort of LAM), with their own custom rules.[2]

Though it is not explicitly stated as such, the example mech in question is in fact a recreation of the Spartas / Veritech Hover Tank from the Southern Cross / Robotech animated series.

Mecha Press 14[edit]

Mecha Press 14

This issue included a BattleTech short story (Lost by Jake Brenner), and also a new 'Mech.

  • GAL-2DSM Cannon, a 20 ton 'Mech designed by Blackwell, a sort of scaled down version of the Gallowglas. The 'Mech used a lot of L2 Technology but not double heat sinks (an issue by the way, because of their weapons choice). It also implies that these issues could be corrected by the usage of Clan Tech.

Mecha Press 15[edit]

Mecha Press 15

This issue included an article on how to mount and paint the BZK-F3 Hollander.

Next to it there is an article on Lithium-Fusion Batteries converted to be with 'Mechs, hence creating the Lithium Fusion Engine. This rules are used to create a new 60 ton 'Mech: DD-03LF Prodigal Son, and up gunned and enhanced version of the Mecha Press 12 Corvus 'Mech. This 'Mech will be piloted by a Mechwarrior from Mecha Press 12 Victory Stables in his first fight.

Mecha Press 16[edit]

Mecha Press 16

This issue contained an article about customizing your own OmniMechs miniatures.

The issue also includes the review of two Battletech Novels: Bred for War and Close Quarters.

It also included a section Muscatech 'Mech Rifles, a section dedicated to the BattleMech pistols (for example the Griffin). After that section, it provided the stats for the GRF-1RU Griffin, with 3 variants on the 7T "rifle": the GRF-1N, the GRF-1S, and a new one (the 1RU), with 4 Streak SRM2 and one ton of ammunition.

Mecha Press 17[edit]

Mecha Press 17

This issue started with the review of the BattleTech Animated Series (history, characters and 'Mechs).

A third set of rules on Shields (Muscatech Shields) were added in this magazine, and related to it, a new mech.

  • HRB-7A Horned Beetle, a 45 ton 'Mech with a lot of L2 Technology with their own shield. This 'Mech can be created with the existing L2 rules. This mech is in many ways similar to the Hatchetman.


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