Clan Wolf Occupation Zone

Clan Wolf Occupation Zone
State Profile
Founding Year 3050
Dissolution year: 3142[1]
Controlled system(s): Tamar
Head of State Khan
Army Clan Wolf touman
Military Intelligence Clan Wolf Watch

The sole Warden Clan, Clan Wolf would also strike the Free Rasalhague Republic. However, their motives unlike the other Crusader Clans were to protect the inhabitants of the Inner Sphere. They believed that the Inner Sphere inhabitants would be better protected and respected by a Clan who cares about them rather than other Clans who would abuse them and disregard them as barbarians. As such, the Wolves would cooperate with their captives, gaining worlds quicker in the process. This act of goodwill and respect towards its citizens would end after the Refusal War as the reborn Crusader Wolves treated their own people with the same typical mindset of the Crusader Clans. Only the exiled Warden Wolves still maintained these relations with the Inner Sphere after joining the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon.


Operation REVIVAL

Refusal War

Jihad Era


In 3142 the OZ would be abandoned as Clan Wolf made a new Occupation Zone in Lyran Territory known as the Wolf Empire.[1]



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