Illyana Sorenson

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Illyana Sorenson
Character Profile
Born 2979
Died 2499
Affiliation House Sorenson
Spouse Martin McAllister
Children Siriwan McAllister

Illyana Sorenson was the wife of Martin McAllister, the tenth Coordinator of the Draconis Combine after his execution of the entirety of House Von Rohrs.


Martin McAllister met and fell in love and married Illiyana Sorenson when she was 15 years old in October 2494 on Rasalhague. Illiyana's father, Blaine Sorenson knew the legacy of Martin McAllister (a distant Kurita heir) and agreed to the marriage. Both men would make a bold plan two stage plan, first the reunification of the Draconis Combine and the Rasalhague Principality and to overthrow House Von Rohrs. Within two years Siriwan McAllister was born but Illiyana died a mere three years later in 2499 through a sport incident. [1]


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