Kozo von Rohrs

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Kozo von Rohrs
AffiliationHouse von Rohrs
Position(s)Coordinator of Worlds
ParentsNihongi von Rohrs (father)[2][1]
ChildrenSeveral sons and daughters[2]; known children:
Yama von Rohrs[1]
Krüger Von Rohrs[1]
Marika von Rohrs[1]
Nengo von Rohrs[1]

Kozo Von Rohrs was one of the secretive Von Rohrs Coordinators that dominated the Draconis Combine between 2421 and 2510. He was the seventh Coordinator of the Draconis Combine.[1]


Kozo von Rohrs was never seen in public and his closest aides were the only persons in all of human space who knew what he looked like. For all his reign Combine subjects could have met their Coordinator on the surface of any world and no one would have recognized him.[3]

Coordinator of Worlds[edit]

One of his most notable actions was the founding of New Samarkand Armor Works and the establishment of the Combine's BattleMech program.[4][5]

He tried to have the Order of the Five Pillars eliminated. He summoned Abbess Jamila Benhashemi to an audience in his chambers and when the Abbess was ushered in, she was killed by knife-wielding assassins.[6]

Keeper of the Family Honor[edit]

Kozo declared that since the Von Rohrses were free of all corruption, they would be the best to hold the position of Keeper, and rolled the duties and responsibilities into that of the Coordinator.[7]


Fear is our most powerful weapon - and a heavy regiment of BattleMechs is a very close second.
  — Attributed to Kozo Von Rohrs (date unknown)[8]


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