LRM-4 (Battle Armor)

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Production information
Type Missile
Tech Base IS/Clan
Year Availability 3057 (FS) / 3060 (CGS)
Technology Rating Clan = F

IS = E

Availability Ratings X/X/E
Technical specifications
Damage 1/Missile
Minimum Range Clan = -

IS = 6

Short Range 7
Medium Range 14
Long Range 21
Mass Clan = 140/100(OS)

IS = 240/160(OS) kg

Space Slots Clan = 3

IS = 3/5(OS)

Mass Per Reload 33.3kg
Cost (unloaded) 24,000[1]
BV (2.0) Clan = 46/9(OS)[2]

IS = 38/8(OS)[2]

Ammo BV (2.0) Clan = 6[2]

IS = 5[2]


The LRM-4 is a four-tube long-range missile launcher mounted on battle armor suits. The weapon was based on Corean Enterprises' FarShot Launcher, which they introduced in 3057 and flooded the market with in the Chaos March region, however it wouldn't be for another few years before full-production models of battlesuits began carrying LRM launchers. The LRM-4 boasts the same range and payload as vehicular LRM launchers at a reduced weight, while being superior to the portable infantry model thanks to the stability and fire control systems of the suit.[3]

The drawback to the LRM-4's small size is that it has a more limited range of specialty ammunition is available - Torpedo or Multi-Purpose Missiles - given the lack of storage space and alternative loading mechanisms. The ammunition is also directly integrated into the launcher, meaning if one of the tubes is damaged the rounds tied to it cannot be transferred to the other. Enhanced targeting gear like Artemis IV also cannot be connected to the launcher.[3]


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