Tikonov Union

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Tikonov Union
State Profile
Dissolution year: 2243
Capital world: Tikonov


The Tikonov Union began with colonists from Central and Eastern Asia, who settled the world of Tikonov in 2177. Due to Tikonov's location and the flow of later colonization efforts, Tikonov quickly became the leader of a number of planetary systems working together in a cooperative but loosely defined fashion. Located close to a sister nation every big as territorial and independent as the Tikonov Union, the Chesterton Trade Worlds, both nations worked together in an attempt to create a large buffer zone around themselves as protection from neighboring states.[1]

With other states and provinces adopting the same strategy, starting from 2202 the Tikonov Union and the Chesterton Trade Worlds both soon saw themselves embroiled in clashes along their ill-defined borders. The ensuing conflict resulted in senatorial decrees being issued that placed more and more power in the hands of particular individuals within the Tikonov defense forces; this ultimately resulted in the founders of Tikonov Earthwerks Ltd., the influential Carinus family, gaining enough power to force the reorganization of the Tikonov Union into a more organized state.[1]

This new incarnation of the Tikonov Union consisted of three provinces each ruled by the Council of Four, known as the Tikonov Tetrarchy. The capitals of each of the three provinces were Tikonov, Chesterton and Hamal. Early military actions by the Tikonov Union against the weakening Terran Alliance resulted in the Union occupying Algol, Rio, Mirach, Tybalt and Ruchbah.[1]

In 2243 the Tikonov Union became the Tikonov Grand Union.[2]


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