Uniforms of the LCAF

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Uniforms of the LCAF were designed to help identify military personnel of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces, distinguished different members of its branches, and install an esprit de corps among personnel. Uniforms were further distinguished between dress and duty uniforms, and those between enlisted personnel and officers.[1] Following the creation of the Federated Commonwealth, the LCAF was merged with the AFFS to create the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth, which also introduced a number of changes to the standard Lyran uniforms. However, with the secession of the Lyran Alliance, the newly independent Lyran Alliance Armed Forces began to reintroduce uniforms based on the old LCAF styles, with minor variations. Although a few holdouts still clung to their AFFC style, the FedCom Civil War hastened the gradual process of their phase-out.[2][3]

Dress Uniforms

Duty Uniforms

Senior Officers


Lyran MechWarriors during the Succession Wars had similar battle dress as in the other Successor States: a Neurohelmet, Cooling Vest, and as little clothing as possible. Insignia was meaningless in the cockpit of a 'Mech, instead color-coded clothing was used to designate rank: blue for junior officers, red for senior officers. A standard-issue Laser Pistol and throwing knife were worn on an ankle holster strapped to the outside of one of their boot. One noticeable difference though was the neurohelmet itself, constructed using superior technology to be smaller and fit more snugly to the pilot's head. This was achieved by using balance feedback transmitters, rather than the low-frequency alpha transmitters in other House neurohelmets, which were placed in the rear of the helmet. Because these required physical contact with the pilot's head to work properly, Lyran MechWarriors took to shaving part of their heads. Those embarrassed by their baldness wore hairpieces outside the cockpit, or made due with less-advanced neurohelmets that didn't require shaving, while others wore it with pride and even enlarged their bald spot to advertise their profession.[4] Allowing the rest of the hair to grow out and be braided was also typical.[3]

During the FedCom years, many found this "traditionalist" hairstyle even more embarrassing, resulting in greater numbers of MechWarriors abandoning it in favor of other styles, including complete baldness or a shorter "crew-cut" style. However, with the independence of the LAAF, this trend reversed and the style again emerged as dominant among Lyran MechWarriors.[3][5]

Outside the cockpit, Lyran MechWarriors either wear a standard blue jumpsuit or their second-grade dress uniform.[3][5]

Fighter Pilots

Armor Crews




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