10th Tancredi Loyalists

Tancredi Loyalists
Tenth Tancredi Loyalists
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Nickname Quanah's Riders
Parent Formation Tancredi Loyalists
Formed 2540


Age of War[edit]

The Tenth Tancredi Loyalists originally served in the Tancredi Warriors Brigade and could trace their roots back to the planetary defense force of Tancredi IV, raised in the late twenty-fourth or early twenty-fifth century. The Tenth was one of four Tancredi Warrior Brigade regiments to survive the Davion Civil War of 2525 - 2540. The vast majority of the personnel within the Tancredi Warriors Brigade who hailed from Tancredi IV had declared their support for First Prince Alexander Davion when he moved against Prince Laura Davion, one of his two aunts who were attempting to usurp his throne at the time, and the support of those Tancredi loyalists had been a significant factor in the ultimate success of Alexander's campaign.[1]

After the Davion Civil War Alexander restructured the military of the Federated Suns completely, disbanding the former Federated Peacekeeping Forces and replacing them with the new Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. In recognition of their loyalty the Tenth and her surviving sister regiments, the Seventh, Eleventh and Thirteenth were formed into a new brigade named the Tancredi Loyalists. The Tenth and her sister regiments enjoyed a high status within the AFFS in recognition of their loyalty and skill, a status they would continue to enjoy throughout the Star League era even after the capital of the Draconis March was moved from Tancredi IV to the former capital world of the Terran March, Robinson.[1]

Star League Era[edit]

During the late Star League era the Tenth and a sister regiment, the Eleventh, were both assigned to garrison important industrial worlds within the Crucis March.[1] For the Tenth, that world was Crofton,[2] and both the Tenth and Eleventh regiments took great pride in being trusted with the defense of such significant worlds, a reflection of the loyalty of the Tancredi Loyalist brigade to the Federated Suns as a whole, rather than just the Draconis March.[1]

The vast majority of the personnel within the Tenth were either natives or Tancredi IV or graduates of the Tancredi War College,[1] and in common with the other regiments of the Tancredi Loyalists the Tenth embraced a strong warriors' culture based on that of Tancredi IV; that culture focused on individual prowess and lack of weakness, and any individual or unit considered to be pulling the regiment down was dealt with swiftly and often harshly as an internal matter. Notably, the warriors of the Loyalists considered poor morale to be a form of weakness, but the AFFS turned a blind eye to the sometimes extreme measures taken as a part of the regiment's self-policing policy because of the high levels of skill and loyalty demonstrated by the four regiments.[3]


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In common with the other regiments of the Tancredi Loyalists the Tenth specialized on small unit actions involving rapid movement and lightning attacks. While the Tenth was officially a lightweight regiment, with no unit within the Tenth weighing more than fifty-five tons, when the Tenth operated at less than battalion strength it could generally be counted on to fight effectively against twice its weight. Unfortunately, the reverse was true when elements of the Tenth were required to deploy at battalion-strength or greater.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Tenth Tancredi Loyalists (Veteran/Fanatical)[2]

- At this point in time the Tenth was based on Crofton.[2] The Tenth was composed entirely of units weighing fifty-five tons or less and capable of moving at a cruising speed of fifty kilometers per hour or more.[1]



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