417th Division (ComStar)

417th Division (Major Trouble IV-Lambda
Unit Profile (as of 3052)
Nickname Major Trouble
Parent Formation 7th Army V-Kappa
Formed 3030s

Unit Brief[edit]

The 417th Division Divison was a multi-regiment type formation which used Combined Arms in service of ComStar.[1]


First Report Appearance[edit]

The 417th first appeared in the Inner Sphere in early thirty-first century, when ComStar negotiated with various Inner Sphere powers to allow their "newly" formed Com Guard to garrison their respective HPG Complexes. The Division was assigned to the 7th Army in Free Worlds League, where they garrisoned the HPG Station on Talitha.[2][3]

The Clan War and the Battle of Tukayyid[edit]

In 3049, Kerensky's children, the Clans returned to the Inner Sphere. Thought out most of the invasion the unit remained at its garrison assignment until early 3052.

Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht would summon the Division along with entire bulk of the Com Guard to Tukayyid to defend Terra from the Clans. On Tukayyid, the 417th's 7th Army was assigned to garrison the cities of Joje and Tost, which was the target of Clan Nova Cat.

On May 1st, at the command of Khan Severen Leroux, the Clan Nova Cats' DropShips deployed their forces using his Clan's signature Hover-Drop Maneuver. However the 417th Division held air-superiority over the Nova Cat's chosen landing zone, the Division living up to its nickname Major Trouble as its Aerospace Fighter assets inflicted heavy damages against the Clan forces as its hovering DropShips were dropped their 'Mechs to the ground instead of landing. Strafing and bombing runs accumulated heavy losses for the Cat's Alpha Galaxy, most notably with one of the 417th Division's Hammerhead fighters performing a kamikaze run that destroyed the Alpha Galaxy's Command DropShip and the thirty OmniMechs and six Stars of Elementals of the Fourth Nova Cat Lancers aboard her.

After grounding, Nova Cat's Alpha and Gamma Galaxies organized begun their march towards Joje. They would push past the 244th into waiting arms of the Major Trouble and its fellow 7th Army-mate made, the 9th Division outside the north suburbs of Joje. The Division and the 9th lured Nova Cat forces towards this approach to Joje so they could use stall campaign. In the suburbs Com Guards had deployed number of Armor assets, Infantry, with a Minefield of Vibrabombs. Aerospace Fighters would sweep in and bomb Alpha and Gamma forces as the 417th and 9th bogged the Clan forces to use up their supplies up. By the third day of fighting, both the Division and the 9th would be forced withdraw to regroup due to Nova Cats intensity of their attack against them.

Shortly later the 417th would be called to action after Nova Cats would lure and destroy some of the 7th Army's Division in a trap, capturing needed supplies. The 417th and 116th Division would conduct all-out-attack against the Clan's Beta and Gamma Galaxies. This action would temporary recapture ComStar's Supply Depot and also force Cats withdraw. The Division and its other comrades would harasses the Clan forces back to their Dropzone and quitting the battle without capturing any of their objectives.[4][5][6]


As of 3050, the Commanding Officer for the Division was Precentor IV Eric Duvea[7]



Composition History[edit]


Note: In 3050, the 417th's skill rating was listed as Regulars.[10]


As of this writing, there is little written of the 417th Division or its Level III component units. The Division also disappeared from sourcebook listings after Tukayyid, with no mention if the unit had been destroyed, demobilized or had defected to the Word of Blake.[11]


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