69th Dragoon (Clan Star Adder)

69th Dragoon Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Fighting Gurkhas
Parent Formation Gamma Galaxy
Formed unknown


The Sixty-ninth Dragoon Cluster was a former Clan Burrock unit known as the Fifteenth Rapier Cluster.[1]. The Star Adder leaders chose to use them as an Dragoon unit. The light equipment give them the flexibility that they need for their new task.

As the Fifteenth Rapier Cluster, were part of Clan Burrock's Beta Galaxy.[2] They fought against the Wolf Clan's Third Battle Cluster in the Trial of Refusal Ulric Kerensky requested to stop Operation REVIVAL. They fought alongside the Fourth Jaguar Dragoons of Clan Smoke Jaguar. During that Trial, the Cluster was led by Khan Jocelyn Siddiq.[3]


In 3048 the unit was commanded by Star Colonel Torrance Marghar.[2]


As a unique specialty the warriors of the cluster using Light and Medium 'Mechs in brawling. The unit show a preference to urban combat and engagement in limited areas. The cluster have difficulty to fight larger battles because the lack coordinated fighting as a coherent command.[1]

Composition History[edit]


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