Ariana Winston

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At Age of 48 during Operation Bulldog

Ariana Winston is the daughter of Colonel Charles Winston, who was once the commander of the 21st Striker Regiment of the Eridani Light Horse. She joined the mercenary unit and served with honor and distinction. The driven officer became overall commander of the entire mercenary brigade in 3045, following the retirement of William Erik Petersen. She was chosen by Morgan Hasek-Davion to be the second-in-command of Task Force Serpent. When he was assassinated en route, she became overall commander of Serpent. She died on Huntress leading from the cockpit of her Cyclops on 30 March 3060, just minutes before a message came in from troops under the command of Victor Steiner-Davion alerting them to the presence of the relief force he led to Clan Smoke Jaguar's homeworld.


As per ELH tradition, she was buried on Huntress, the planet where she was killed in action.


...I must remind you that we are an army, and the purpose of an army is to kill people and break things. If we kill enough of the enemy's people, and break enough of his things, we just might be able to convince him that we'll kill and break whatever he has left if he ever bother us again.
  — General Ariana Winston