Banshees Stables

Banshees Stables
Colors/Badge Blue and Black
With a vicious bee
with a stinger-like weapon pointing
forward firing
laser like beam at circle.
Stable Profile
Experience Veteran
Rating B-
Faction Affiliation Steiner/Rasalhague
Units Used
BattleMechs 13 (3067)


A BattleMech based Solaris Stable based out of city of Kalamazoo Reaches.


The Banshees were formed originally as a business venture in 3049 by Burton Rothroc. After truce in fighting with the Clans in 3052, the stable began growing by leaps and bounds due to number of retired veterans joining the stable. However other new members to the stables were refugees from the decimated Free Rasalhague Republic.

During the late 3050s through the late 3060s, the stable's MechWarriors were ranked among the top 50 warriors in the games. The stable had developed an unhealthy rivalry with the Huntsmen Stables due to the owner's son being killed by them in 3055.[1]

A plague of rumors pointed the Stable to be a refuge for Clan War deserters. That one deserter was found among them and that the Federated Commonwealth further investigated them did not help the stables reputation.[2]

Stable Master and Owners[edit]

  • Burton Rothroc is the Stable Master & founder of the Banshees. He started his career with the Lion City Stables, where he learned his trade. Three years after starting the Stables, his son was killed by the The Huntsmen in a Tag-Team match. Rothroc developed a vendetta against the suspected former Clansman and pushed his people into a decade long feud against them.[2]

Notable Personnel[edit]



  • Lizzie Rothroc is the only daughter of Stable Owner Burton Rothroc and works as the Stable's senior tech. A graduate of the Blackjack School of Conflict, she went on to serve in the 12th Star Guards, a FedCom mercenary unit in the 3040s. However, she retired from mercenary work in 3050, shortly after the Guards were devastated by Clan Jade Falcon on Steelton. After joining the Banshees, she gained a reputation for being a highly acclaimed tech in city Burgton and the Reaches of Solaris.[2]


Most of the stables mechwarriors are composed almost entirely of retired veterans of the Clan War. Most are affiliated with formed Lyran Commonwealth units or traditional Commonwealth mercenary units. A few of them also come from the decimated Free Rasalhague Republic.

19 MechWarriors work for Banshees Stables.[2]

Known MechWarriors[edit]

Tactics and Style[edit]

The Banshees are trained to operate in cluttered terrain. Since their 3055 clash with The Huntsmen, the Banshees became proficient in countering the dueling style of their hated rivals.


In 3055 the Stables's was only paying 600 C-bills with a 30% on the contract and had 15 'Mechs with 22 MechWarriors, being Rated as B-. As of 3067, the Stable has 13 BattleMechs. The Stable issues Contracts to its warriors at 30 percent with 700 C-bills paycheck a month.[2]


Game Rules[edit]

The Banshees receive the following benefits from Stable-Specific Rules when used scenarios. Mechwarriors of the stables receive a +1 to their initiative when ever they are in use in the Jungle, King of the Mountain, Hardford Garden or maps containing Hill & Wooded terrian. They receive a -1 to their to-hit modifiers when facing any mechwarrior of the the Huntsmen Stables. However, the warrior will receive +1 heat for every attack no matter if it be physical or weapons based. They receive C rate upgrades for their equipment.[5]


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