Beta Galaxy (Clan Hell's Horses)

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Beta Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname The Apocalypse
Parent Formation Clan Hell's Horses Touman
Formed unknown


The Jihad[edit]

Beta Galaxy was directly involved in the invasion of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone beginning in 3070. The Seventy-seventh Mechanized Cavalry was the lead element of Beta Galaxy to land on Nyserta. The Beta Galaxy Command Cluster then fought against the Thirty-third Wolf Champions Cluster on New Caledonia, mauling the Wolves and seizing the world.[1]

In January 3071 the Thirtieth Mechanized Strike took heavy losses from the Thirteenth Wolf Regulars Cluster on Steelton but still successfully captured the world. This was followed by the capture of the Star's End system by the 333rd Mechanized Strike Cluster, inflicting heavy losses on the 1st Wolf Garrison (Clan Wolf) Cluster. Beta Galaxy then fought the Wolf Kappa Galaxy on Verthandi, where the Wolves fought a delaying action that left Beta Galaxy tired, but ultimately victorious.[1]

Beta Galaxy would then face the Wolf Kappa Galaxy again on Planting in June, pushing the exhausted Wolves off-world and holding Planting until January 3072. Beta Galaxy went on to secure Harvest before attempting to capture Ridderkerk, where Clan Wolf's Gamma Galaxy successfully held, denying Beta Galaxy the world.[1]


As of 3059 to 3067 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Xandria Mitchell.[2][3]

In 3145 the commanding officer is Galaxy Commander Loren Icazar. Her aide is Star Colonel Frank Mehta.[4]


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Composition History[edit]



  • Beta Galaxy Command (Elite/Questionable)[5]
  • Operating at 75% of full strength and with 70% of the unit fielding OmniMechs, Beta Galaxy Command was stationed on New Oslo at this point.
  • Seventy-seventh Mechanized Cavalry (Veteran/Reliable)[5]
  • Operating at 50% of full strength and with 70% of the unit fielding OmniMechs, the 77th was stationed on New Bergen at this point.
  • 99th Mechanized Cavalry (Elite/Fanatical)[5]
  • Operating at 45% of full strength and with 70% of the unit fielding OmniMechs, the 99th was stationed on New Oslo at this point.
  • 333rd Mechanized Strike (Elite/Fanatical)[5]
  • Operating at 55% of full strength and with 65% of the unit fielding OmniMechs, the 333rd was stationed on Outpost at this point.
  • 666th Mechanized Assault (Veteran/Reliable)[5]
  • Operating at 30% of full strength and with 60% of the unit fielding OmniMechs, the 666th was stationed on Bruben at this point.
  • 888th Mechanized Assault (Regular/Reliable)[5]
  • Operating at 50% of full strength and with 75% of the unit fielding OmniMechs, the 888th was stationed on Skallevoll at this point.


Former Units[edit]



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