Circle-Vision Visor


The Circle-Vision Visor is an advanced computer-assisted vision system developed specifically for the Draconis Combine's DEST. It consists of a face plate, affixed to the head by a thick strap, which incorporates dozens of optical sensors that not only mimic the functions of a Rangefinder Binocular but protect the wearer's senses from being overwhelmed by flash ordnance. Information is presented to the wearer through a high-resolution video screen and sophisticated heads-up display which shows the surrounding environment in a compressed format. In effect, the wearer's rear 180-degree arc is shown as a panoramic view at the top of their normal view, making it virtually impossible to outflank them, though this can be disorienting at first and requires minor adjustment time.[1]



Equipment Ratings: D/D-F-B/E
Cost: 5,000
Affiliation: None
Mass: 750g
Power use: 0.5 Power Points per hour


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