Evelyn Czerny

Evelyn Czerny (Born. 30?? - Died. 30??) was the 3064 Solaris VII Champion for Bromley Stables.


Fighting for Free Worlds League affiliated Bromley Stables, as of 3062 Evelyn Czerny was second in the Championship standings behind then Champion Theodore Gross. [1] Czerny would win the first Grand Tournament following the Riots of 62, dedicating her victory to the memory of deceased Gross and all the other Solaris MechWarriors killed during the violence. Unfortunately Czerny's time at the top was brief, when during a exhibition match a few months later she was critically wounded by a freak ammunition explosion that destroyed her BattleMech. Though she would recover, the accident cost her the use of her left hand, forcing her early retirement. [2] [3]

Well-known for his lack of tolerance for any failure, Bromley stable-master Thaddeus Bromley was rumored to have attempted to dismiss her immediately after the accident, but as of 3067 ultimately retained her as an instructor at the stable. [3]


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