Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Mjolnir

The Fylgia was launched in April 3069 by Admiral Helena Danvers under duress. The Word of Blake attacked Alarion using nuclear and biological weapons. The vessel escaped capture by the Blakists but did not engage them.[1][2]

The Fylgia surprised the Blakists when they attempted to assault Skye in October 3069. Despite the use of nuclear weapons, Lyran naval forces were victorious.[3][4][5]

In January 3072, the Fylgia provided fire support during the liberation of Tharkad.[6][7]

On 16 March 3074 the Fylgia took part in a Lyran/Clan Jade Falcon attack against the Word of Blake at a pirate jump point in the Coventry system. The attackers, though working separately, managed to capture the Newgrange-class Blake's Mercy (and would later argue over who should take possession of it).[8]

The Fylgia was destroyed in 3077 by a Word of Blake SDS over Chara III.[9]


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