Gael's Grinders

Gael's Grinders.jpg
Gale's Grinders
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Captain Louise Holley
JumpShips no
DropShips no
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry yes


Raised in 3055 through the efforts of Louise Holley, the unit supported the First and Second McCarron's Armored Cavalry in the capture of Hsien during Operation Guerrero. The Grinders were left as garrison force on the planet.[1]

The unit was faced with a scandal later in its deployment on Hsien. They were accused of turning the entire command into a spy agency, with its "agents" in a campaign of "bedside diplomacy" that resulted in peace from 3058 to 3064.[1]

This changed in 3064, when a Word of Blake Level III unit accompanied by the Hsien Hotheads landed on the planet. The pro-Capellan/Pro-FedSun factions reached a temporary truce and hired the Always Faithful mercenary unit to try and broker a peace. The arrival of Always Faithful led to the unit being sidelined from a military action.[1]

The unit as of 3067 remains on the planet, wearing Liao green colors. Captain Holley recently had to fire one of her MechWarriors when it became public that the warrior was wanted for running a prostitution ring. Holley's shaded past has been a growing problem, with scandal after scandal impacting the unit's reputation.[1]

In 3068 the command disappeared while Blakist forces destroyed the Always Faithful. Their current status is unknown at this time.[2]

Mercenary Rating[edit]

Dragoon Rating: C


Captain Louise Holley has aged since the recent scandals about her own past surfaced as well as the "misdeeds" of the unit.[1]


Using hit-and-fade tactics the unit will erode the enemy's strengh through constant attrition.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Gael’s Grinders(1 Company/Green/Reliable)[1]

  • CO: Captain Louise Holley

- The unit has few advanced upgrades for their medium and heavy 'Mechs.



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