Hachiman Technical Institute

Hachiman Technical Institute
Academy Information
Location Hachiman
Founding Year Succession War era
Course Information

Hachiman Technical Institute (HTI), located on Hachiman, was created by Coordinator Hugai Kurita solely to focus on battlefield repair and technical training, teaching students to repair everything from BattleMechs to Aerospace Fighters and DropShips.[1] Enrollment in HTI's two-year program is unique in that it largely takes only candidates who have been rejected by one of the Draconis Combine's other military academies, as well as a small number of recommended trade school graduates. In partnership with ComStar's Explorer Corps, HTI also accepts a limited number of transfers and runs a joint one-year certification program on Ningxia focusing to scourging and extreme field repairs.[2]

Students of HTI undergo an unique final exam before their graduation. On Linqing, HTI maintains a five million square kilometer compound littered with billions of tons of junk. Potential graduates are deposited at one end of the compound and given a set amount of time to reach the DropStation using only what they can find within the compound to construct their transport. Since the start of the 31st century, approximately ninety percent of students have graduated from HTI.[2]


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