Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Tramp


The Hornblower was a Tramp-class JumpShip. Upon jumping out of the Kelenfold system enroute to Tharkad on 17 May 3064, it immediately came under attack from another armed JumpShip when emerging from the jump and was destroyed.

One crew member aboard the doomed Hornblower used the cockpit of a Shadow Cat in the cargo section as a safe room and "escape pod" while weapons fire tore into the ship. She ended up floating in space in the 'Mech among other debris and was apparently overlooked when the attackers deliberately targeted and destroyed any lifeboats or rescue pods. In a bout of anger and figuring she'd die anyways she fired the Shadow Cat's weapons at the attackers' JumpShip, actually destroying the vessel through a lucky hit.[1]


  1. Sore Loser