House Nakamura

House Nakamura

House Nakamura is a proud samurai family who have a history of service as officers in the armed forces of the Draconis Combine.


The family's heritage can be traced back to the days of the Star League where Takeshi Nakamura was one of the first Ronin challenge the SLDF[1]. The family estate is on Ashio[2].

Family Heirlooms[edit]

Nakamura Battle Blade[edit]

The head of the Nakamura clan inherits a Katana that has been carried by members of the family for six hundred years[2].

Family Tree[edit]

House Nakamura
Takeshi Nakamura
Hiroki Nakamura
House Shibayaku
Raku Nakamura
Hiroshi Shibayaku
Aud Nakamura
Enar Nakamura
Toro Shibayaku
Hiroki Shibayaku


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