Kerensky's Hope

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Kerensky's Hope
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Cameron


As at 3061 the Cameron-class battlecruiser Kerensky's Hope was a WarShip within the Clan Snow Raven touman and was serving as the CSR Kerensky's Hope, one of five WarShips that made up the Storm Crow Naval Pursuit Star.[1] The Kerensky's Hope continued to serve in the Storm Crow Naval Pursuit Star throughout the 3060s alongside the Texas-class battleship CSR Mountbatten, the Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser CSR Storm Crow, the Conqueror-class carrier CSR Ark Royal and the Carrack-class transport CSR Nestling.[2]

The Storm Crow Naval Pursuit Star was responsible for the scourging of Galedon V, in which every major city on the planet was bombarded from orbit a week after the population was given notice to flee;[3] this massively destructive act was retaliation for the perceived involvement of the Draconis Combine in the destruction of the Swift Wing Naval Assault Star at Ramora on the 5th of January 3069,[4] although later investigation subsequently placed the blame for the action on terrorists backed by the Word of Blake.[5][6]

Three vessels within the Storm Crow Naval Pursuit Star took fleeing civilians from Galedon as isorla only to subsequently discover that the civilians had brought the Curse of Galedon with them - an Age of War bioweapon later identified as XCON-73 that had been unleashed accidentally during an earlier conflict on the planet. Not only were the civilians infected, but XCON-73 was also being carried through the ventilation systems on all three ships. The three infected ships - the Mountbatten, Nestling and Storm Crow - were declared as targets of a Trial of Annihilation by Star Admiral Troy McKenna, the senior officer amongst the uninfected vessels. The Nestling immediately vented her holds into space, killing all the civilians aboard, but McKenna's forces pressed the attack; the Captains of all three infected ships fought back, but the Ark Royal and the Kerensky's Hope prevailed, disabling or destroying all three ships.[3]


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