Clan Snow Raven Touman

The Clan Snow Raven Touman is the military arm of Clan Snow Raven.

Unit Structure[edit]

While front-line Clusters of the Snow Raven Touman follow the norms of Clan military organization, adversity and a lack of resources have forced the Snow Ravens to adapt combined-arms warfare at the Trinary level for second-line units. Known as a Triad, each of these special Trinaries contains a Star of BattleMechs (or combat vehicles in some garrison units), a Star of infantry (either conventional or Elementals depending on mission), and a star of AeroSpace Fighters. Though this mix has some difficulty capturing territory, it is more capable of independent operations thanks to its increased flexibility. Triads are ideal for garrisoning large areas of territory, but are still adequate for offensive operations.[1]

The Snow Ravens also make use to two other unique formations. The first is known as an R-team, a Star-sized unit consisting of two 'Mechs, two Elemental Points and a team of combat-trained technicians tasked with recovering battlefield salvage, or isorla, while under enemy fire. Generally the technicians will call in special recovery vehicles to transport the material once it has been secured, although the R-team's 'Mechs are equipped with hands and nets to manhandle the equipment back to friendly lines if necessary. The second is an all-aerospace Wing Cluster, fielding upwards of one hundred fighters, which is tasked with air superiority or ground-support missions.[1]

Touman Structure[edit]

The touman in 3079[2] [3] [4]

Current Galaxies[edit]


Alpha Galaxy (Swift Wing Galaxy)[edit]

Alpha Galaxy is the leading Clan Snow Raven frontline Galaxy.[5] It spearheaded the Raven mission to secure holdings in the Inner Sphere Periphery.[6]

Alpha Galaxy

Beta Galaxy (Storm Crow Galaxy)[edit]

Beta Galaxy lost much of its strength in Harvest Trials against Clan Jade Falcon.[7] It spent the 3060s rebuilding to become the main frontline Galaxy in the Homeworlds.[8] During the Jihad it was tasked with the second retribution campaign in 3069 against the Draconis Combine.[9]

Beta Galaxy

Gamma Galaxy (The Hawkshead Galaxy)[edit]

Lost front-line status due to losses taken in pre-invasion Trials against Clan Coyote.[10] Regained front-line status in the 3060s.[11]

Gamma Galaxy

Delta Garrison Galaxy[edit]

Delta Garrison Galaxy used to be the main defense force of Lum.[12] After the heavy losses taken before and during the Wars of Reaving, the survivors of Kappa Galaxy was merged into Delta. Nowadays the Galaxy continues to guard the main holdings of the Clan.[13]

Delta Garrison Galaxy

Former Galaxies[edit]

Epsilon Garrison Galaxy[edit]

Previously known as the Second Lum Garrison Galaxy, the Galaxy was transferred to Hellgate once the Ravens gained back control of that planet.[14]

Epsilon Garrison Galaxy

Zeta Galaxy[edit]

Zeta Galaxy
Clan Snow Raven Insignia.png 3066-68
1st Raven Chasseurs
2nd Raven Chasseurs
3rd Raven Chasseurs
4th Raven Chasseurs

Kappa Garrison Galaxy[edit]

Kappa Galaxy was a second line Galaxy whose main responsibility was the defense of Circe.[15], [16]. Surviving units of the Galaxy have been incorporated with Delta Galaxy by 3079.[17]

Kappa Garrison Galaxy
Srkappa.png 3061-67
Circe Battle Star
6th Raven Regulars
7th Raven Regulars
2nd Raven Garrison
15th Raven Garrison
16th Raven Garrison

Naval Assets[edit]

Swift Wing Naval Assault Star

Storm Crow Naval Pursuit Star

Brim Naval Assault Star

Lum Garrison Fleet

Snow Raven Assault Star

Circe Battle Star

Fleet Command Star

After the Jihad ended, Clan Snow Raven's fleet was reduced to approximately twenty WarShips. These WarShips were observed in the Outworlds Alliance. In addition, observers reported approximately half of the Clan's ground and aerospace forces were also in the Alliance. Together, this represented roughly half of the Raven's touman.[18]

Uniforms and Rank Insignia[edit]

Clan Snow Raven Rank Insignia by service branch[19]
Uniform Rank MechWarrior AeroSpace Fighter Elemental Naval Crew Armor Infantry Support
[[]] Point 1 SnowRaven-Point1-MW.png SnowRaven-Point1-ASF.png SnowRaven-Point1-Elemental.png SnowRaven-Point1-Naval.png SnowRaven-Point1-Armor.png SnowRaven-Point1-Infantry.png SnowRaven-Point1-Support.png
Point 2 SnowRaven-Point2-MW.png SnowRaven-Point2-ASF.png SnowRaven-Point2-Elemental.png SnowRaven-Point2-Naval.png SnowRaven-Point2-Armor.png SnowRaven-Point2-Infantry.png SnowRaven-Point2-Support.png
Point 3 SnowRaven-Point3-MW.png SnowRaven-Point3-ASF.png SnowRaven-Point3-Elemental.png SnowRaven-Point3-Naval.png SnowRaven-Point3-Armor.png SnowRaven-Point3-Infantry.png SnowRaven-Point3-Support.png
Point 4 SnowRaven-Point4-MW.png SnowRaven-Point4-ASF.png SnowRaven-Point4-Elemental.png SnowRaven-Point4-Naval.png SnowRaven-Point4-Armor.png SnowRaven-Point4-Infantry.png SnowRaven-Point4-Support.png
Point 5 SnowRaven-Point5-MW.png SnowRaven-Point5-ASF.png SnowRaven-Point5-Elemental.png SnowRaven-Point5-Naval.png SnowRaven-Point5-Armor.png SnowRaven-Point5-Infantry.png SnowRaven-Point5-Support.png
Point Commander SnowRaven-PointCommander-MW.png SnowRaven-PointCommander-ASF.png SnowRaven-PointCommander-Elemental.png SnowRaven-PointCommander-Naval.png SnowRaven-PointCommander-Armor.png SnowRaven-PointCommander-Infantry.png SnowRaven-PointCommander-Support.png
Star Commander SnowRaven-StarCommander-MW.png SnowRaven-StarCommander-ASF.png SnowRaven-StarCommander-Elemental.png SnowRaven-StarCommander-Naval.png SnowRaven-StarCommander-Armor.png SnowRaven-StarCommander-Infantry.png SnowRaven-StarCommander-Support.png
Star Captain SnowRaven-StarCaptain-MW.png SnowRaven-StarCaptain-ASF.png SnowRaven-StarCaptain-Elemental.png SnowRaven-StarCaptain-Naval.png SnowRaven-StarCaptain-Armor.png SnowRaven-StarCaptain-Infantry.png SnowRaven-StarCaptain-Support.png
Star Colonel SnowRaven-StarColonel-MW.png SnowRaven-StarColonel-ASF.png SnowRaven-StarColonel-Elemental.png SnowRaven-StarColonel-Naval.png SnowRaven-StarColonel-Armor.png SnowRaven-StarColonel-Infantry.png SnowRaven-StarColonel-Support.png
Galaxy Commander SnowRaven-GalaxyCommander-MW.png SnowRaven-GalaxyCommander-ASF.png SnowRaven-GalaxyCommander-Elemental.png SnowRaven-GalaxyCommander-Naval.png SnowRaven-GalaxyCommander-Armor.png SnowRaven-GalaxyCommander-Infantry.png SnowRaven-GalaxyCommander-Support.png
Khan SnowRaven-Khan-MW.png SnowRaven-Khan-ASF.png SnowRaven-Khan-Elemental.png SnowRaven-Khan-Naval.png SnowRaven-Khan-Armor.png SnowRaven-Khan-Infantry.png SnowRaven-Khan-Support.png

Snow Raven Equipment[edit]

Clan Snow Raven BattleMechs

Clan Snow Raven AeroSpace Fighters

Clan Snow Raven Battle Armor

Clan Snow Raven ProtoMechs

Clan Snow Raven Vehicles

[Clan Snow Raven Small Craft]

Clan Snow Raven DropShips

[Clan Snow Raven Warships]


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