Snow Raven Assault Star (Clan Snow Raven)

Snow Raven Assault Star
Unit Profile (as of 3061)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Epsilon Garrison Galaxy


Fought the Emerald Talon Naval Assault Star of Clan Jade Falcon over Hellgate, which resulted in damage to the Cold Hunter and Ice Storm severe enough to force them back to Lum for repairs.

Jihad/Wars of Reaving[edit]

By autumn 3070 two of the ships from this Star, the Venture Star and Vision of Terra, together with the Circe Battle Star and Brim Naval Assault Star defending Lum from the Clan Steel Viper attack. Vision of Terra was destroyed in this action. The Venture Star was destroyed in the Raven counterattack that took place five days later. This Star itself is not mentioned by name in that conflict, so it can be assumed that it had been disbanded before that.[1]

The Ice Storm still serves in the Raven touman.[2]

No mention of the final two ships, Cold Hunter and Blue Lancer can be found (an Ice Hellion ship with a similar name is mentioned).


As of 3061 the commanding officer was Star Admiral Nervis McKenna, who is the sibkin of Epsilon's Galaxy Commander Ramon McKenna.

In 3067 the Commanding Officer was Star Admiral James Lankenau.[3]


Composition History[edit]



Clan Ice Hellion did also have a Warship named Cold Hunter.[5]


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