Emerald Talon Naval Assault Star (Clan Jade Falcon)

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Emerald Talon Naval Assault Star
Unit Profile (as of 3069)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation Sigma Galaxy

Unit Description[edit]

The Emerald Talon Naval Assault Star was a Clan Jade Falcon military formation consisting of a Star of WarShips. The unit was led by its flagship the Nightlord Class Battleship, Emerald Talon.


Operation Revival[edit]

During Operation Revival in September and October of 3050, the Emerald Talon led its Naval Star to take the world of Zoetermeer. It forced the planet's defenders consisting of the 10th Donegal Guards & Alpha Battalion of the 12th Star Guards to surrender or face planetary bombardment. However, unknown to the defenders, Star Admiral Adrian Malthus was under orders not to bombard the planet.[1] After the death of Leo Showers the Star returned to the Homewords.[2]

By 3059 the Star had moved back to the Homeworlds and was attached to Sigma Galaxy as part of the Turkina's Talons force. It was based at the naval facilities in the Ironhold system up to at least 3067.[3][4][5]

In November 3069 the Vipers launched assaults against Jade Falcon holdings in the Homeworlds. The Viper fleet drove off the Emerald Talon Naval Assault Star from the Ironhold system before launching its ground assault. The Star did manage to destroy a small number of Viper DropShips before they landed.[6]

By February 3070 four ships of the Star had assembled at Lum when the Vipers struck again. The Steel Viper Naval Reserve tore through the Assault Star in an hour long battle that destroyed the Gauntlet, the Blue Aerie and the Ironhold Provider. Only the White Aerie managed to escape to Strana Mechty.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Jade Falcon Naval Reserve
Star Admiral Adrian Malthus 3050 - 3067[1][5]




Emerald Talon Naval Assault Star - Elite/Fanatical [1][3][5]


Emerald Talon Naval Assault Star [7]



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