Ki-Linn Liao

Ki-Linn Liao.jpg
Ki-Linn Liao
Born 3115
Died ca. 3150[1]
Affiliation House Liao
Mandrissa of Highspire
Spouse Jacob Bannson

Ki-Linn Liao (b. 3115[2] - d. ca. 3150[1]) is the great-granddaughter of Kali Liao and revered by the Thuggees as a goddess.[2]

Character History[edit]

Born on Highspire, Ki-Linn was raised to believe in her own divinity through her Thuggee followers. She was unable to do much with her followers since her cousin, Chancellor Daoshen Liao, kept her on a short leash.[2]

When she was at the age of 19, she was married off to Jacob Bannson to seal a political alliance between him and Daoshen. At first she was reluctant marry a non-Capellan, but she was able to give off the appearance of a distraught wife when Jacob would flee Capellan space. The truth of the flight of Jacob, was Ki-linn unleashed Death Commandos to kill him.[2] It was reported in 3150 had died in the recent past through self-immolation on the steps of the Summer Palace.[1]


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