Leviathan (JumpShip class)

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Leviathan Class JumpShip
Production information
Manufacturer ?
Use ?
Tech Base ?
Cost ?
Introduced (prior to 2510)
Technical specifications
Mass < 430,000 tons
Length ?
Sail Diameter
Burn Rate
Top Thrust ?
Sail Integrity
KF Drive Integrity
LF Battery ?
Armament ?
Armor ?
DropShip Capacity > 6
Crew ?
Grav Decks ?
Escape Pods/Life Boats ? (Lifeboats confirmed)
Heat Sinks ?
Structural Integrity
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???


The Leviathan class of JumpShips appears to have been rare even in its heyday, judging by the scarcity of available information. It was already in operation in 2510 in the Draconis Combine, predating the Star League.

It is capable of carrying at least 7 DropShips, and is equipped with an unspecified number of lifeboats.[1]

As of 3067, the mercenary unit Hannibal's Hermits (formerly Hermann's Hermits) was noted to operate an antiquated Leviathan-class JumpShip.[2]

Regarding its size and mass the Leviathan has been likened to the 345,000 ton Odyssey class and the 430,000 ton Monolith class[3]. The Monolith is noted as the largest civilian JumpShip class ever built, which implies that the Leviathan either masses less than 430,000 tons, or is otherwise smaller than the Monolith (i.e. of shorter length, or with a smaller DropShip capacity).


  • The Monolith class was originally said to mass 380,000 tons; this was increased to 430,000 in Technical Readout: 3057 Revised because a change in construction rules meant that JumpShips of 400,000 tons or less could mount no more than 8 docking hardpoints while the Monolith has 9. This mass increase for the Monolith also increased the possible mass range for the Leviathan class.


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