Li Song

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Li Song after training with some of the best MechWarriors in service to House Liao made her Solaris VII Arena Class 2 Championship debut in 3066.


Li made the unusual decision to pilot a modified Wolfhound, a 'Mech usually associated with the Lyran Alliance.

Her Wolfhound is armed with a Clan ER PPC and two chest mounted Small Lasers

In the medium league she chose a Modified Uziel, with two Clan LB 10-X's and one Clan LRM 20, the two LB 10-X's are in the Left, and Right-Torso, the Can LRM 20 is mounted on the missile pod on the Center-torso.

If you play the the Exposition games after the Grand Championship, she will pilot a Fafnir, with two ER Large Laser's, and two Heavy Gauss Rifle's. The two ER Large Laser's are in the right and left arm's, and the two Heavy Gauss Rifle's are in the Right and Left-torso.