Lucifer's Deck

Lucifer's Deck
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Titan


The Titan-class DropShip known as Lucifer's Deck was acquired in combat from Clan Jade Falcon by the mercenary unit Hell's Black Aces[1] in 3055.[2] The Black Aces were working for another mercenary unit, the Blue Star Irregulars, who were looking to strike back at the Jade Falcons after earlier battles against the Clan. The Irregulars jumped into the Quarell system and ignored the local Jade Falcon forces call for a batchall, prompting the Falcons to attack with all of their forces.[3]

The result was a battle in space between Jade Falcon forces including a Fredasa-class corvette and an escorting Titan-class DropShip as well as two trinaries of OmniFighters. The Clan forces didn't realize that the Black Aces were hidden behind the sails of the various Irregular JumpShips. The Falcons spread out by order of precedence in anticipation of attacking the Irregulars, only to be ambushed piecemeal by the Black Aces. The Black Aces quickly wiped out two stars of Clan fighters before the Falcons regrouped, and then appeared to run for their own JumpShips. The Falcons pursued the fleeing Black Aces, only to be ambushed for a second time, this time by the Irregulars' AeroSpace Fighters.[4]

Having wiped out the Falcon fighter contingent, the mercenary fighters then concentrated on the Fredasa, which was crippled by repeated fighter attacks and a desperate ramming attack by a damaged Irregular JumpShip. The mercenaries claimed the Fredasa and the Titan as salvage, and were granted free passage back to Federated Commonwealth space after the Irregulars won a duel on the surface of Quarell.[2]

Hell's Black Aces claimed the Titan as a part of their share of the salvage earned, and renamed it Lucifer's Deck; the DropShip remained in service with the Black Aces through 3059[4] and until at least 2 November 3069 where it participated in the fighting for Liao.[5]


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