Marguerite McCaffee


Marguerite McCaffee (Born ???? - died ????) was an officer in the AFFS. In 3068, McCaffee was the commander of the 3rd Davion Guards.[1] During her time as the Third's commander, she piloted an AS8-D Atlas.[2]

In May 3080 McCaffee was a General in the AFFS and commander of the elite Davion Assault Guards, having succeded Marshal Dixon Zibler. McCaffee led the Assault Guards during the campaign to capture Flintoft as a part of Operation MATADOR, the Federated Suns counteroffensive launched in May 3080. The Assault Guards were accompanied by an FSNS journalist named Peter Remonde during the campaign; Remonde actually dropped into battle alongside the Assault Guards and the 1st Syrtis Fusiliers, riding in the jump seat of McCaffee's Atlas BattleMech.[3]

McCaffee would continue to lead the Assault Guards until at least 3085.[4]


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