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3rd Davion Guards RCT
Unit Profile (as of 3074)
Nickname "Don't Tread on Me"
Parent Formation Davion Brigade of Guards
Formed unknown


The homeworld of the Third Davion Guards was Kesai IV.

Fourth Succession War[edit]

The 3rd Davion Guards attacked Algol with the 71st Light Horse Regiment. There they destroyed the first battalion of the 1st Ariana Fusiliers, who were commanded by Tormano Liao. Though they tried to capture him, Tormano eluded the Davion Guards. The third battalion of the Ariana Fusiliers escaped offworld.[1]

In the second wave of attacks, the 3rd Davion Guards hit Ningpo, splitting a battalion of McCrimmon's Light Cavalry away from Marion's Highlanders. The Light Cavalry unit was pushed into a series of foothills and destroyed. After two months of harassing attacks from the Highlanders, the 3rd Guard had isolated the Highlanders on a peninsula. Rather than destroy the Highlanders, the 3rd's commander offered them a truce. The Highlanders accepted. The next day, the commander received a message from the AFFS High Command ordering the Guards to spare the Highlanders; The Highlanders would be leaving the service of the Capellan Confederation.[2] The Guards departed from Ningpo. (At the time the Strategios and Maskirovka assumed that the Third Guards simply destroyed the Highlanders completely.[3]

Dropping onto Slocum a battalion of 3rd Guards heavy 'Mechs supported by a regiment of tanks destroyed the second battalion of McCrimmon's Light Cavalry. The Guards took no significant losses.[4]

The fourth wave of the invasion found the 3rd Guards on Azha, where they defeated the Capellan militia units assigned to defend the world.[5]

War of 3039[edit]

During the War of 3039 the Third Davion Guards and the 3rd Lyran Guards invaded Vega alongside several mercenary units. The Guards regiments successfully drove the 14th Legion of Vega off-world in the first wave.[6] In the second wave, however, the Fourteenth returned to Vega and was supported by the 2nd Legion of Vega and the 2nd Dieron Regulars. The Third Lyran Guards were unable to stop the DCMS units, and the Third Davion Guards performed a series of smaller spoiling attacks on the Combine forces to slow them down.[7] The Third Davion Guards were then targeted by all the DCMS units, and after three days of constant attacks, the Guards were ordered to leave Vega.[8]

Clan Invasion[edit]

At the start of 3050, the Guards were stationed on Hesperus II.[9][10] Influenced by the Free Skye Movement, the 3rd Guards tried to take control of Hesperus II when the Lyran Alliance formed. This attempt was unsuccessful, and the 3rd Davion Guards were almost destroyed by the Gray Death Legion in the Fourteenth Battle of Hesperus II.[11]

Afterwards, they returned to the Federated Suns and were miraculously rebuilt in no-time.[12]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

Prior to Operation BULLDOG, a company of the Third Guards was smuggled onto Luzerne. They were assigned to cause trouble, destroy supplies, and otherwise disrupt Smoke Jaguar operations on the world. They quickly ran afoul of Kappa Galaxy's Galaxy Command Trinary, and spent several months on the run until reinforcements could arrive.[13] This company, Allen's Animals, was equipped with captured Clan OmniMechs and weapons. The rest of the Third saw their participation in Bulldog as a way to make amends for their behavior with Free Skye.[14]

Assigned to take the relatively unimportant world of Luzerne during Operation Bulldog's second wave, the 3rd Guards and ComStar's elite 208th Division[15] were sent to overcome the Jaguar's Fourth Provisional Garrison Cluster[16]. The SLDF task-force used a variant of the insertion used for the highly successful DCMS/Explorer Corps raid against the world in 3055, traveling on the Sovetskii Soyuz-class CSV Harmonious Thought and Lola III-class CSV Leander and utilising a Pirate Jump Point formed by a little known planetoid on the fringes of the Luzerne system on June 29th, proceeding to the planet under Emission Control conditions using an inertial transfer maneuver to bypass the Jaguar picket ships virtually undetected.[17] [18]

The plan quickly unraveled when it was discovered the newly formed and consequently unknown front-line Sixth Striker Cluster was on-world with heavy naval support in preparation for a raid against Clan Ghost Bear when Bulldog was launched. With the Smoke Jaguar forces placed on high alert after the first wave and pulling their patrol ships back to near orbit to prevent a repeat of the humiliating 3055 raid, after the Jaguars refused the SLDF's desperate request for SafCon, both Com Guard WarShips were lost as they attempted to protect the DropShips of the 3rd and 208th Division. Ultimately only half of the heavily mauled DropShips made it through the Jaguar blockade, making scattered drops rather than the planed concentrated landing. [17] [18]

Now heavily outnumbered and completely disorganized, the remains of the 3rd Guards and 208th began to form up and congregate in three bastions, the largest formation an ad-hoc combined arms force of two Battalions worth of the troops[17] from the 208th and 3rd located at the town of Thun. While the elite front-line Sixth Striker Cluster easily defeated any SLDF stragglers, their unfamiliarity with the world and fact they were still only partially complete greatly hampered their planned assault against the SLDF strongholds. Finally moving against now dug-in SLDF troops at Thun under cover of darkness on July 9th, the bloody battle ultimately devolved into stalemate and the Jaguars finally withdrew. With both sides now settling into a siege mentality, broken only by he occasional raid, the SLDF forces waited for reinforcements. [19]

Landing on August 1st, while the Combine's elite Ryuken-roku encountered stiff resistance, their presence ensured the battle quickly shifted in favor of the SLDF forces.[19] The defending Sixth Striker and 4th Garrison refused to withdraw and fought to the last man, with the remains of the 3rd Guards and other SLDF units finally capturing Luzerne on August 8th, only a few short days before the Jaguar high command ordered a general withdrawal from the Inner Sphere. [20]

Post Bulldog to FedCom Civil War[edit]

After the conclusion of Bulldog serious consideration was given to merging the shattered 3rd and 208th Division into a brand new Star League Defense Force unit, but disagreements over command structure and responsibilities led to the abandonment of the idea. [21]

Despite the large distance between them, the 3rd remained in constant contact with the 208th Division and even requested officer exchanges. While the requests were formally denied by the Katherine Steiner-Davion influenced AFFS High Command in the wake of the Second Whitting Conference, [21] a number of officers from each unit accepted lowly observer and liaison roles in the other unit to circumvent the restriction, with the 208th's Demi-Precentor III Chris Ludyan on paper a mere communications liaison but in fact fully assisting in the rebuilding and training of the 3rd's Armor Brigade and Demi-Precentor IV Tallulah Cloudwaker effectively in full command of the 3rd's hodgepodge Auxiliary infantry Battalion.[12]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

The Third was under-strength prior to war start and remained that way through first three years of constant fighting. The unit was stationed at the Draconis March during this period. It joined the 1st Ceti Hussars in assaults on Bryceland and later participated to defend Cassias against a Draconis Combine reprisal raid. The unit remained understrength, but operational due to absorbing the survivors of the 4th and 5th Davion Guards.[22]


Arriving on New Avalon in 3068 the 3rd Guards harassed the Word of Blake, distracting the Blakists from their attack on Avalon City. Though these independent operations kept the 3rd from being under heavy fire, the soldiers of the 3rd often felt they weren't contributing anything to the planet's defense. This wasn't true: The 3rd Guards were instrumental in repulsing the 36th Division in the Cris Mountains. [23] Their luck changed in the Third Battle of New Avalon, where they took heavy casualties. Once New Avalon was freed, the 3rd Davion Guards were disbanded and the survivors were used to reconstitute other Federated Suns units.[24]


In 3011, the unit CO was Prince Hanse Davion. Starting as Lance Commander, the Prince steadily rose through the unit thanks to his unorthodox but highly successful tactics. The Prince however was only to hold command for less than a year upon being appointed Military Governor of New Aragon. [25]

As of 3050, the commanding officer was Marshal Jim Seymour. [26]

As of 3062, the commanding officer was Leftenant General Margeurite McCaffe[12]. By 3068, McCaffe had been promoted to General.[27]


Subtlety is not the 3rd's strong suit. They favor frontal charges, followed by standing and delivering. Alpha strikes are used far more often than is usually prudent.[28]

Composition History[edit]


1 Regiment [29]


3rd Davion Guards RCT (Veteran/Fanatical)[30]


3rd Davion Guards RCT (Veteran/Fanatical)[31]

CO: Marshal Jim Seymour[31]


3rd Davion Guards (2 Battalions/Elite/Fanatical)[12]

CO: Leftenant General Margeutite McCaffee
Aide: Major Jena Davion-Bath
A understrength battalion

3rd Davion Guards Aerospace Brigade (2 Squadrons)[12]

CO: Commodore Kuch Jukita
  • 134th Tsamma Air Squadron
  • 51st Crucis Interceptor Squadron

3rd Davion Guards Armor Brigade (1 Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[12]

CO: Colonel Vladimir Rostov
Aide: Demi-Precentor III Chris Ludyan

3rd Davion Guards Infantry Brigade (2 Regiments/Veteran/Reliable)[12]

CO: Colonel Chien-Fen Ktorides
  • 45th Cerulean Mountain Regiment: Colonel Giovanni Gervasi
  • 35th Federated Suns Mechanized Rifles: Colonel Alexander Horvat
  • 3rd Davion Guards Combat Auxiliary: Demi-Precentor IV Tallulah Cloudwalker
- The 3rd use Engineers and Artillery


3rd Davion Guards (1 Regiment/Elite/Fanatical) [32]

CO: General Margeutite McCaffee) [32]
Note: Clantechnology: 15 percent | Advanced IS technology: 85 percent | Omnis: 20 percent [32]

3rd Davion Guards Aerospace Brigade (Elite/Fanatical) [32]

CO: Colonel Anders Todorovski
Note: Advanced IS technology: 70 percent | Omnis: 5 percent

3rd Davion Guards Armor Brigade (Elite/Reliable)) [32]

CO: Colonel Vladimir Rostov
Note: Advanced IS technology: 70 percent | Omnis: 20 percent

3rd Davion Guards Infantry Brigade (Veteran/Reliable)) [32]

CO: Major General Rolf von Gath


The unit was disbanded and the survivors used to rebuild other units damaged on New Avalon.[33]


Like all Davion Royal Brigade units, the Third's parade color scheme is the Davion family blue, white and red striping, adopting more standard camo paint in the field. The RCT patch for the Third Guards is a coiled rattlesnake. [34]


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