MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Trial on Alshain 2

Trial on Alshain[edit]


  • Planet: Alshain
  • Terrain: Snowy valley
  • Time: Day
  • Temperature: -10 C

You and two others of your Trinary now face three representatives from the 321st Assault Trinary for the right to join in the search for our genetic heritage. Destroy all opposing ‘Mechs.

Because Alshain has a ‘Mech plant, you may choose a new ‘Mech at this point.


Primary: Destroy all opposing ‘Mechs


Khan Kabrinski: I welcome you to Alshain. Only the very best of the Clan will join us in this quest. The battle you now face will determine who will participate in the recovery of the genetic material.


Every warrior of the Ghost Bear Clan has heard the call to duty, and now vies for a role in the recovery of our genetic legacy. In order to assemble the assault teams, Khan Aletha Kabrinski has decreed that the contending warriors shall fight for the right to join the quest.

The victors of the battle you now face will be one of many assault teams sent to planets within the Draconis Combine in search of the ‘Mechs which attacked Ardoz. Victory now will give you a part in the history of our Clan.


You have defeated the 321st and earned the privilege of joining those who seek our heritage. You and your Trinary will now travel to Chandler to question General Tengwan, leader of the Draconis troops there.


Transmission – Khan Kabrinski: We need your best efforts. You fight for the sacred honor of Clan Ghost Bear.


The Draconis Combine is, perhaps, the strongest of the five Successor States, which now dominate the Inner Sphere. Much of our Clan’s territory used to be under Combine control. We first encountered Draconis Combine warriors on Jarett in Wave Two of our invasion. Although Ghost Bear troops took the planet, victory was delayed by the Combine troops’ guerrilla tactics, our first contact with the deceitful combat etiquette of the Inner Sphere.

Because of the treacherous ways of the Inner Sphere, in 3052 Khan Bjorn Jorgensson of the Ghost Bear Clan placed a temporary moratorium on the traditional Clan rules of warfare. We are now forbidden to use the batchall, the declaration of forces before combat, until the end of the invasion. As Khan Jorgensson proclaimed, those of the Inner Sphere have lost the right to be treated honorably.

While your Trinary investigates Chandler, the other teams will search the surrounding planets for the ‘Mechs, or information about them.