Mercury II

Mercury II
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Wolverine
Production Year 2823[1]
Model MCY-100
Class Medium
Cost 7,924,513 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 40 tons
Chassis Endo Steel
Armor Ferro-Fibrous
Engine 280 XL
Speed 119 km/h
Jump Jets Unknown
BV (2.0) 1,376[2]


[edit] Description

The Mercury II is a BattleMech designed by Clan Wolverine. The Not-Named-Clan designed the 'Mech in the Clans' early years. The fledgling society built this new design around the existing Mercury, but upgraded it to make it a more effective combatant at the cost of speed. Since the design was produced in the formative years of the Clans, it uses Star League technology.[2]

The Wolverines spared no expense in the production of the Mercury II, including an Endo Steel chassis, seven and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor, double heat sinks and an XL Engine. Despite this the medium 'Mech is still slower than its lighter antecedent, only managing 119 km/h, though it makes up for that with jump jets that enable it to leap up to 210 meters at a time. The inclusion of a Beagle Active Probe and Guardian ECM Suite make the 'Mech a capable scout.[2]

Clan Coyote claimed their losses on the battlefield during the Not-Named-Clan's annihilation had been acceptable due to capturing a Mercury II. [2].

[edit] Weapons and Equipment

Though the Mercury II is designed to be a scout, it can hold its own in a fight. An ER Large Laser gives it a credible ranged threat, while paired Medium Lasers and Small Lasers make it an effective hunter-killer.[2]

[edit] Variants

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[edit] Related BattleMechs

  • Mercury - The Mercury II was an enlarged and updated design of the Mercury which was produced near the end of the first Star League.

[edit] Notes

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