Niflheim (Individual Leopard-class DropShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Leopard


The Niflheim was an old but serviceable Leopard-class DropShip owned and operated by free traders from the Free Rasalhague Republic.

The ship was run like a parody of the "Viking" stereotypes associated with the Free Rasalhague Republic. The captain, Leif Larson, was a hulking man with broad shoulders, his long blond hair worn in pigtails and a fur coat worn over his spacer suit. His first officer styled herself as a blonde valkyrie, and the rest of the crew behaved similarly. The engine room was referred to as "Valhalla".

Operating on Galatea in 3061, they were hired by a ComStar agent with whom they had worked before to smuggle a Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) plus pilot and tech and an Elemental with her battlesuit from Galatea. To this end, they feigned a technical failure shortly after takeoff and made a faux "emergency landing" where they picked up their illicit cargo before continuing their voyage to Tharkad, going via the Svinngarn system.

The ship made planetfall on Tharkad on June 2 and escaped with its passengers in the early morning hours of June 4, just after midnight, despite a lockdown of the Tharkad system, and escaped the system on a freighter from the Outworlds Alliance with both ships feigning ignorance to the radio calls from the planet ordering them to stop. It arrived on the planet Hades in the Phalan system on 3 September 3061.


The Niflheim features only in the apocryphal German novel, Duo Infernale. Consequently, and for lack of any mention in a canonical source, the vessel must also be considered apocryphal.