Novis AT-H, Inc.

Novis AT-H, Inc.
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Detroit
Primary Products Vehicles


Novis AT-H, Inc. is a manufacturing company associated with the Magistracy of Canopus.[1]


During the Jihad, the Magistracy managed a surprisingly strong defense against the Word of Blake; Magistracy forces successfully defeated a Blakist strike on the Novis factory on Detroit, and industry across the Magistracy suffered relatively little damage. An even more impressive feat, given the general decline in military manufacturing across the Inner Sphere, was the fact that during the course of the Jihad the Magistracy not only maintained its industrial base, but also opened three new Novis factories on different worlds.[1] These factories suffered no damage during the Jihad and in 3079 they were operating at full production capacity.[2]


Novis AT-H, Inc. has a manufacturing center on the following planets:


Components produced on Detroit:[3][4]
Component Type
Luduan[3] Hovercraft - Scout Vehicle
Tamerlane[4][5] Hovercraft - Strike Sled
Fusion Engine
Magna 145 Luduan[3]
Magna 155 Tamerlane[4]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Hellespont Lite Stealth Luduan[3]
Maximillian 43 Tamerlane[4]
Communications System
Ceres Metals Model 777 w/Angel ECM Suite Luduan[3]
Marconi M-Pulse VI Tamerlane[4]
Targeting-Tracking System
Apple Churchill 3000 w/TAG and Bloodhound Active Probe Luduan[3]
Marconi TTS series II Tamerlane[4]


Components produced on Krimari:[4]
Component Type
Tamerlane[4][6] Hovercraft - Strike Sled


Components produced on Palladix:[4]
Component Type
Tamerlane[4][7] Hovercraft - Strike Sled


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