Quan Yin Chang


Quan Yin Chang (Born ???? - Died ????) was a journalist employed by Capellan Broadcasting. Chang was in Ningbo, the capital city of Ningpo, in August 3077 when Warrior House Ma-Tsu Kai and the Home Guard arrived to bring Ningpo back into the Capellan fold and were subsequently attacked by the Word of Blake's 13th Militia Division.[1]

The resulting combat effectively destroyed Ningbo under waves of WMDs, predominantly nuclear or chemical in nature; Chang recorded events, including the near destruction of House Ma-Tsu Kai, the arrival of Warrior House Ijori, the Blakist retreat and subsequent strafing run on House Ijori by the 13th Division's DropShips that wreaked havoc. Chang's report was recorded from within a survival bunker under Ningbo, and it isn't recorded if Chang survived the battles for Ningpo or if his report was recovered from the bunker posthumously.[1]



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