RMC-3050 LevCar

RMC-3050 LevCar
Production information
Manufacturer Kallon Industries[1][2]
Production Year 3050[3]
Use Military Cargo Car via Maglev rail lines
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Advanced)[1][2]
Chassis Type (Size) Rail (Medium)[1][2]
Equipment Rating E/X-X-D[2]
Cost  ???
Introduced 3050
Technical specifications
Mass 300 tons[1][2]
Cruise Speed N/A[1][2]
Flank Speed N/A[1][2]
Power Plant MagLev[1][2]
Fuel (Type/Range) N/A[1][2]
Armament 2x LRM-15s[1][2]
Advance Fire Control[1][2]
Heat Sinks 0[1][2]
Armor Heavy Industrial Armor
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) BAR 10
Crew 3 (3 gunners)[2]
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


Kallon Industries RMC-3050 LevCar is a "rail car" designed to be used on MagLev type railroad tracks. The vehicle is normally towed by the RML-447 Nolan MagLev Tractor or "Engine".[1][2]

Its primary function is to transport foot infantry platoons. It can be refitted for other roles, listed under variants. Also the vehicle is designed to handle different types of turreted weapons beyond its normal standard load out.[1][2]

All variants of the LevCars can carry up to 200 tons, however this varies.[1][2]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

The all LevCar carries two Fifteen Tube Long Range Missile Launchers in its turret. The weapons are provided with six tons of ammunition. The weapons carried by variants are also guided by the car's Advanced Fire Control computer. There are several different configurations available: Some cars carry an Ultra AC/20, five SRM-6 launchers, a single Gauss Rifle, or even an Arrow IV launcher.[1][2]

All LevCars are designed with a bay for a foot infantry platoon.[1][2]


Various per variants.


All variants of the RMC-3050 have the following features - Armored, Tractor, Trailer chassis and control modifications. Four Searchlights (mounted Front, Sides, and Rear), the turret can handle up to 15 tons of non-energy weaponry, with maximum six ton ammunition capacity in the car itself.[1][2]

Note not all variants have been given stats.


All Variants are introduced in 3050:

  • Kallon Industries LevCar RMC-3050 (Cargo) 
    This variant has a cargo of 188 tons standard.[4]
  • Kallon Industries LevCar RMC-3050 (Passenger) 
    This variant has a cargo of 40 tons standard. Features 24 Steerage passenger quarters and 4 motorized infantry platoons.[5]
  • Kallon Industries LevCar RMC-3050 (Luxury) 
    This variant has a cargo of 8 tons standard. Featuring 18 first-class passenger quarters.[6]
  • Kallon Industries LevCar RMC-3050 (Command)  
    This variant has a Crew of ten, with 42 tons of cargo. Featuring 4 first-class passenger quarters, 7 crew quarters, communication equipment, and a fifty-ton light vehicle bay.[7]
  • Repair Variant 
    This variant carries a mobile repair bay.

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