Richard Thurston-Moray

Richard Thurston-Moray
Also known as Stefan Amaris VII
Affiliation ComStar
House Amaris

Richard Thurston-Moray, better known as Stefan Amaris VII, was supposedly a descendant of the real Stefan Amaris through his mistress Shera Moray. (Amaris had tried to have her and her offspring hunted down and killed, but a case of mistaken identity saw another woman with child killed on Slocum while she escaped.[1]) It was noted, however, that there was a generation-long gap in the lineage.[2]

Richard Thurston-Moray was born on Terra and recruited into ComStar, where he became an archivist and discovered not only his lineage but also a substantial amount of money on a secret, centuries-old bank account belonging to the original Stefan Amaris.[2]

He subsequently set up in an ancient Star League era base on New St. Andrews, a periphery world recently (re-)discovered by ComStar, and recruited an army of lowlife mercenaries and bandits. Now calling himself Stefan Amaris VII, he ordered his troops on undercover terror raids against various Great Houses bearing false colors, most notably those of the Knights of the Inner Sphere, in an attempt to sow chaos and eventually step up to claim leadership over the entire Inner Sphere.

(It has been speculated that this series of events is so unlikely that it must have been engineered by either ComStar or Word of Blake.[2])

It remains debatable if those plans ever had any chance of success; in any case, the terror attacks proved enough of a nuisance for Thomas Marik and his Knights of the Inner Sphere to initiate an undercover mission of their own that became known as Duncan's Demons. They eventually found Amaris VII's base on New St. Andrews, and eradicated his fledgling empire there. Stefan Amaris VII himself was killed by Clan Steel Viper expatriate Dawn in a Circle of Equals, and she brought his frozen head back to her Clan.[3]


  • Star Captain Dawn was cashiered and expelled from Clan Steel Viper on grounds of a botched attack against Cumbres, because she could not prove her barely believable story that an unknown third party (Stefan Amaris VII's forces) had unexpectedly attacked her raiding party. Threatened with execution should she enter Clan space again, Dawn became a member of Duncan's Demons. It was she who caught and killed him aboard his DropShip. Dawn returned to Clan space with the head, presenting it as proof that she had indeed killed the last Amaris. The fact that she was later reinstated as a Clan warrior and even went on to achieve a bloodname implies that the frozen head did indeed prove her claims to be true, presumably through genetic testing. This implicitly means Thurston-Moray/Stefan Amaris VII was indeed a direct descendant of Stefan Amaris.


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