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Roe Weapon Systems

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Roe Weapon Systems
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Apollo, Finmark
Primary Products Aerospace Fighters, WarShips

Roe Weapon Systems was an aerospace manufacturer in the Rim Worlds Republic prior to the destruction of the Republic.


Roe Weapon Systems (RWS) was a manufacturer with production facilities scattered across the Rim Worlds Republic, but their primary and largest factory was on the Republic capital world, Apollo.[1] Another significant location for Roe Weapon Systems was the Finmark system, home to the administrative capital of the Finmark Province; RWS operated production facilities on Finmark itself that were used to help expand the training facilities available at the Finmark Air and Space Academy, located above the surface of Finmark. RWS also had drydock facilities in the Finmark system that served as both the primary factories and service sections for the Rim Worlds Republic Navy fleets of Bonaventure and Pinto-class corvettes.[2]

During the Amaris Civil War the Rim Worlds Republic was invaded by the SLDF and Roe Weapon Systems was destroyed.[1] The primary factory on Apollo was discontinued in 2767 and production of the Vulcan Aerospace Fighter stopped.[1]


Roe Weapon Systems had manufacturing centers on or in the following planets and systems:


Components produced on Apollo:[1]
Component Type
AeroSpace Fighter
VLC-5N Vulcan[1] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
Type 698 Vulcan[1]
Fusion Engine
Olympus 240 Vulcan[1]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
Republic UltraWeave Vulcan[1]
Communications System
Tangerine 7a Vulcan[1]
Targeting-Tracking System
XH558 Archer Vulcan[1]
Medium Laser
Firefly Type II Vulcan[1]
Large Laser
Firefly Type III Vulcan[1]
Republic Mk. VII Vulcan[1]
Blue Steel 6-Rack Vulcan[1]


Components produced at Finmark:[2]
Component Type
Bonaventure[2] Corvette-class WarShip
Pinto[2] Corvette-class WarShip


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