Shackleton AESV

Shackleton AESV
Production information
Manufacturer Donovan-Miter
Use Exploration
Planetary Surveyor
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Advanced)
Chassis Type (Size) Wheeled (Medium)
Equipment Rating
Introduced 3093[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 50
Speed 46
Top Speed 64
Power Plant Fusion
Fuel (Type/Range) Unlimited
Armament Machine Gun
Heat Sinks 10
Armor BAR 10
Crew 5
1 officer
3 enlisted/non-rated
1 Gunner
BV (2.0) 298[2]


The Shackleton AESV (All-Environment Survey Vehicle) is a civilian ground-based Wheeled Support Vehicle used for Exploration and Scouting roles.

This vehicle was bankrolled by Interstellar Expeditions as a replacement for the storied Magellan Series of Exploration Vehicles. It was developed and produced by Donovan-Miter company, in which also has major controlling share in Interstellar Expeditions which had pushed to have vehicle produced. Initially, a OmniVehicle based on Magellan, was in development prior to the Jihad with Blackwell Corporation. However, Blackwell destruction ended this effort to produce Magellan Series 5, but Star League era Series 4 had already resumed production with Donovan-Miter. It was through reaching out to Republic of the Sphere, which allowed Donovan-Miter bring the the Shackleton to life and began to be produced in 3093.

After production began, the vehicle entered service exclusively with Interstellar Expeditions and Republic of the Sphere.[3]

Equipment & Capabilities[edit]

Designed with advanced technologies to allow it to operate in extreme environments of far off space and other hostile planetary environments. The Shackleton was fitted with a 4-ton Fusion Engine, which gives it a modest movement speed. While not the fast, the Shackleton is highly maneuverable off-road chassis and it's jump jets allowing it to move itself to terrain that would be impossible for most vehicles. For durability, the engineers fitted the Shackleton with a four tons of BAR-10 Rated Commercial Armor, Environmental Sealing, and a highly advanced Armored Motive System.

For it's intended role as a explore vehicle, the Shackleton has been fitted with a grabber style Lifthoist and Mining Drill mounted in front, mounted not unlike a 'Mech. It also features a Beagle Active Probe and up to a ton of Communication Equipment.[4]

Related Vehicles[edit]


The Shackleton is fitted with Armored, Environmental Sealing and Off-Road Chassis Modifications. It's Technology Rating is F/X-X-F (Advanced)


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