Mining Drill

Mining Drill
Production information
Type Melee Weapon
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Year Availability Pre-Spaceflight[1]
Availability Ratings C[2]/D[2]/D[2]
Technical specifications
Heat 0[3]
Damage 4[3]
Minimum Range 0
Short Range 0
Medium Range 0
Long Range 0
Tons 3[3]
Critical Slots 4[3]
Space Slots N/A
Ammo Per Ton N/A
Cost (unloaded) 100,000[2]
BV (2.0) 6[4]


The Mining Drill is a piece of mining equipment, like the Rock Cutter, which only gets pressed into military service as a last resort, and is usually found on IndustrialMechs or Support Vehicles.[1]

The Mining Drill is simply a large, fast-moving drill head on an armature with a diamond tip. It is capable of much finer control than the Rock Cutter, but lacks the general effectiveness of its companion at brute tasks; most major mining vehicles carry one of each.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

In game play the Mining drill inflicts 4 points of damage to combat units and 4+1D6 damage to buildings.[5] It has a refined, accurate cutting tip, and so receives a -1 to-hit bonus on attacks.[6]

Bipedal 'Mechs can carry a single Mining Drill in each arm, but must remove the hand actuator to do so. Quad 'Mechs and IndustrialMechs must mount the Mining Drill in the side torsos, but can only mount one in each location. Combat and Support Vehicles may mount a Mining Drill in the Front, Back, or Turret locations. A Mining Drill may not be mounted in any area that mounts a Chainsaw, Dual Saw, Pile Driver, Wrecking Ball, Combine, Rock Cutter, or Backhoe.[1]


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