Dual Saw

Dual Saw.jpg
Dual Saw
Production information
Type Melee Weapon
Tech Base Inner Sphere/Clan[1]
Year Availability Pre-Spaceflight[1]
Technical specifications
Heat 0
Damage 7[2]
Minimum Range 0
Short Range 0
Medium Range 0
Long Range 0
Tons 7[3]
Critical Slots 7[3]
Space Slots 1[3]
Ammo Per Ton N/A
Cost (unloaded) 100,000
BV (2.0) 9[4]


The Dual Saw is a piece of construction equipment that is rarely seen on the battlefield. Though it has been used by the arena fighters on Solaris,[5] the lack of range and interference with other equipment mean it's not popular with the regular armies of the Inner Sphere. Instead the Dual Saw is usually found on IndustrialMechs that are used either for construction or demolition.

The Dual Saw is based on the Chainsaw, but instead of a single chain, it uses twin high-speed circular ferro-carbide blades that spin around a central axis. This circular saw is more compact than a Chainsaw and easier for a pilot to use. Though the Dual Saw can slice down trees, its hardened blades are more useful in urban environments for cutting ferrocrete, pipes, and wiring.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

In game play the Dual Saw inflicts 7 points of damage to combat units[2], 2D6 damage to buildings, and 1D6 damage to conventional infantry.[6] It can also be used to clear woods as a Chainsaw.

Bipedal 'Mechs can carry a Dual Saw in each arm, but must remove the hand actuator to do so. Quad 'Mechs must mount the Dual Saw in the side torsos. A Dual Saw may not be mounted in any area that mounts a Chainsaw, Pile Driver, Mining Drill, Rock Cutter, Wrecking Ball, Combine, or Backhoe.[1]


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