Production information
Manufacturer Earthwerks-FWL, Incorporated
Production Year 3082[1]
Model SKW-2F
Class Medium
Technical specifications
Mass 50 tons
Chassis Corean-II Deluxe Endo Steel[2]
Armor Starshield
Engine Hermes 250 XL[2]
Communications System Corean Transband-J9
Targeting Tracking System Corean B-Tech with Artemis IV Fire Control
Heat Sinks 11 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 86 km/h

1x Rotary AC/5
1x LRM-10 w/Artemis IV
1x ER Large Laser

BV (2.0) 1,453[3]


The Shockwave was created by the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth in the years after the Jihad. Mobile and heavily-armed for a 50-ton 'Mech, the Shockwave can deliver a withering barrage and has the heat-sinks to keep it up almost indefinitely. The use of standard armor and commonly employed weapons allows the Shockwave to be used on nearly any battlefield. This popularity and ease of maintenance allowed Earthwerks-FWL to export it to many buyers across the Inner Sphere, bringing much-needed capital into their accounts.

The Shockwave is designed to be a tough 'Mech. Its high top speed, strong armor, and powerful weapons make it a popular choice around the Inner Sphere.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The 'Mech is geared for long-range attacks. The combination of its Artemis IV FCS enhanced Zeus LRM-10 launcher and Martell Extended Range Large Laser provide effective firepower at long range. The ER Large Laser is supplemented by its Imperator Rotary AC/5, which provides devastating firepower should opposing units close in and try to get under the LRM's minimum range. The only drawback to this weapon configuration is the 'Mech's heavy reliance on ammunition. If the ammo bays run dry, the Shockwave's pilot is left with only the single extended range large Laser to defend himself. [2]


  • SKW-4G 
    This variant replaced the ER Large Laser with an experimental Large X-Pulse Laser at the expense of the Artemis system and a heat sink. This version hasn't seen much action because of the (alleged) fragility of the laser. BV (2.0) = 1,449[4]
  • SKW-6H 
    This Dark Age variant removes the Rotary AC and instead carries an Ultra AC/10. The LRM-10 loses its Artemis IV fire control system, and engineers had to use an XL Gyro to free enough mass for the heavy weapon and ammunition. BV (2.0) = 1,364[5]
  • SKW-8X 
    Based on the 6H, this is a Dark Age configuration. It keeps the Ultra AC/10, but removes the LRM and ER Large Laser. In their place is a Thumper Cannon with a ton of ammunition. BV (2.0) = 1,065[6]

BattleMech Gallery[edit]


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